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ROS for Beginners Basics Motion OpenCV is the name of a video training suite in the field of information technology and software and in the field of robotics. In this course, you dear students will be introduced to Robot Operating System (ROS) from the very beginning. As you know, ROS programming has always been a problem for users. But by watching this course, you will be amazingly upgrading your skills. In addition to learning the basic concepts in this course, you will be introduced to two basic concepts of motion and perception in robotics.

On the other hand, you can access much better information through this powerful OpenCV library, known as the most comprehensive computer vision library. The course content is also provided in a way that all content will be available to the user step by step. In addition to learning basic skills, you will experience this first project with ROS in C ++ and Python. The course is also offered to ROS programmers and developers as well as robotics students.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Full introduction to robot operating system (ROS)
  • Learn how to make simple programs to move the robot
  • Start writing a real project in C ++ and Python
  • Learn how to develop simple computer vision programs with ROS and OpenCV
  • Learning and applying the concept of movement and perception in robotics
  • And…

ROS course specifications for Beginners Basics Motion OpenCV

  • English language
  • Duration: 09:36:57
  • Number of lessons: 74
  • Instructor: Anis Koubaa
  • File format: mp4

ROS course headlines for Beginners Basics Motion OpenCV

Course content
74 lectures 09:36:57

3 lectures 08:51

Installation and Environment Setup
6 lectures 27:57

ROS Ecosystem
4 lectures 41:51

ROS Topics
7 lectures 01:18:33

ROS Services
6 lectures 33:51

Motion in ROS
9 lectures 01:33:21

ROS Tools and Utilities
3 lectures 26:46

Perception I: Computer Vision in ROS with OpenCV
15 lectures 01:50:54

Perception II: Laser Range Finders (Laser Scanner)
9 lectures 01:11:38

rosserial: Connecting new Hardware (Arduino) with ROS
11 lectures 57:13

1 lecture 00:26

Prerequisites ROS course for Beginners Basics Motion OpenCV

  • Knowledge in C ++ and / or Python Programming language.
  • Want to learn ROS
  • Eager to learn robotics


ROS for Beginners Basics Motion OpenCV

Sample movie

Installation guide

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English subtitle

Quality: 720p

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