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The TMS Cryptography Pack contains powerful and up-to-date algorithms for most cryptographic operations. It includes encryption / decryption algorithms , signature / verification, hash and authentication of data and files.

Features and Features of TMS Cryptography Pack Component:

  • AES MAC for data validation
  • Salsa20 for data encryption and decryption
  • PBKDF2 Password keys based on PKCS
  • SHA 2 for generating hashes according to FIPS 180-4
  • Blake2 to generate hashes and support for Argon2
  • EdDSA for signature and verification with Edwards Elliptical Curves
  • SHA 3 for generating hashes according to FIPS 202
  • Speck for encryption and decryption with low power chips
  • Argon2 Wins Password Hacking To Win Keys
  • AES Galois Counter Mode for data verification according to NIST SP 800-30D
  • RIPEMD-160 for hash production (eg for blockchain / bitcoin compatibility)
  • Support functions for encoding / decoding of various standard formats (eg Base64)
  • AES (all standard modes and key sizes) for encryption and decryption based on FIPS 197
  • ECIES for Encryption and Decryption with Elliptic Curves, AES and SHA2 (Used for Key Exchange)
  • RSA (OAEP and PSS) for key signature data up to 4096 bits or encryption and decryption (for key exchange)


XE3, XE4, XE6, XE7, XE8, D10, D10.1, D10.2, D10.3 , D10.4


TMS Cryptography Pack

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Download TMS Cryptography Pack for 10.4 Sydney

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Download TMS Cryptography Pack (Demo & Source Code) for 10.3 Rio

Download TMS Cryptography Pack (Demo & Source Code) for 10.2 Tokyo

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