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Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain , name of the training video series in the field of data analysis and the Blockchain are. What you’ll see in this course, you learn the principles and foundations of the Blockchain would be that by doing different exercises your skills in this field, upgrade the want on a shoestring budget. You also watch the training of this course with all the things that Crypto and Blockchain are doing will be familiar. You in the course how to build a Blockchain, and how to create a Cryptocurrency step of the base learn.

Also in this course, you focus on the project, the focus will be. This makes up you, while watching the sessions, real-world projects to contact and thus to a deep understanding of the Blockchain hand find. At the end of this course and learning training provided you have to be a technical expert in the Blockchain conversion will be. This course is for enthusiasts, Blockchain, etc. Bitcoin and Cryptos recommended.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Deep understanding and familiarity with the theory of the Blockchain as a normative
  • Learn how to create a Blockchain from the beginning to the advanced level
  • The theory available in the case of Cryptocurrency, you will understand the
  • Familiarity and understanding of theory related to the transactions, Cryptocurrency
  • Learn how to create a monetary unit to your
  • The theory related to the contracts are smart you will understand
  • And…

The characteristics of Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time : 14h 42m
  • Number of courses: 97
  • Instructor : Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team
  • File format : mp4

This course

Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain


Prerequisite courses Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

  • Just some high school mathematics level
  • To take and complete practical part of the course, basic Python knowledge required


Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

Sample movie Blockchain A-Z

Instructions for use

After the Extract with the Player your custom view.

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2020/2 compared to 2019/7 about 100 MB increase in size is. The number of courses also unchanged is.

Version 2021/1 compared to 2020/2 at least 1 minute increase in time.

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