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Active Boot Disk Suite is a suite of programs under boot to repair and rescue the affected system. The program is presented as an image file that can then be burned to boot onto a DVD or flash drive when there is a problem with the system. Tools available without the operating system can be used to restore the system. do. For example, if a virus crashes your system, a blue screen appears, important files have been deleted from the Windows folder and system, or you can repair the system using this product for any other reason that Windows does not appear. Enter the Windows environment as before.

Active Boot Disk Suite provides various tools, for example there are data recovery tools where you can recover deleted files from any storage media, there are tools for securely deleting files where you can access the contents of drives Safely delete the desired one. If you forgot your password, you can use the powerful tools in this set to remove the password and log in to Windows, even if you have a virus flash and no antivirus software to remove it. That is, by inserting the boot disk into an environment outside of Windows you can easily delete the file. This is because malware requires an operating system such as Windows to run and reproduce itself, and no boot and attack shields are available in the boot environment, so they can be easily removed.

Features and features of the Active Boot Disk Suite suite:

  • Simple interface and very easy setup
  • Ability to recover deleted, formatted or corrupted files and drives
  • Ability to safely delete files and drives you want
  • Ability to change or delete Windows account password
  • Internet access in boot environment
  • Basic features for opening pdf files and …
  • Tools for partitioning and managing disks
  • And …

Applications in the collection:

Active @ KillDisk 10.1
Active @ Partition Recovery 15
Active @ File Recovery 15
Active @ Password Changer 7

required system



Active Boot Disk Suite

Installation guide

Use the serial in the Key.txt file to register the software.

download link

Download Active Boot Disk 22.0 WinPE x64

Download Active Boot Disk 19.0 WinPE x64

Download Active Boot Disk 18.0 WinPE x64

Download Active Boot Disk 17.0 Win10 PE x64

Download Active Boot Disk 12.0.3 Win10 PE x64 Proper

Download Active Boot Disk Suite 10.5.0

File password (s):


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