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The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 is the name of a set of video tutorials on web development and programming in the JavaScript category. In fact, the course ahead of you is considered a comprehensive course. This means that you will learn the basics of JavaScript programming from the basic to the advanced level with this course. Learning the most sophisticated and common web-based techniques will make you a professional JavaScript developer at the end of this course.

This course is also a very practical course. This means you will learn JavaScript scripts in real projects. This will make your skills become fully functional and practical. The outcome of this course is to transform you from an amateur into a Java programming language to a professional. You will also be prepared to take the recruitment exams by learning the courses in this course.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn JavaScript programming language from beginner to advanced
  • Learn the basics and advanced JavaScript techniques
  • Learn about concepts like Closures, Exports Contextts, Scope
  • Learn about new ES6 features such as new arrays, classes, and more
  • Build an advanced fully functional typing test program
  • And…

Course specifications The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6

  • English language
  • Duration: 37:10:32
  • Number of lessons: 302
  • Tutor: Development Island (UK)
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

Course content
302 lectures 37:10:32

5 lectures 26:42

Variables & Data Types
31 lectures 02:32:48

Conditional and Looping
19 lectures 02:00:41

Functions (Basic & Intermediate)
33 lectures 04:01:39

33 lectures 04:41:59

22 lectures 03:38:58

Execution Context – Hoisting – \’this\’
5 lectures 27:23

Scope Chain
3 lectures 15:18

7 lectures 55:38

The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 Course Content

Objects (Advanced): Encapsulation & Information Hiding
4 lectures 28:53

Objects (Advanced): Inheritance & Prototype Chain
10 lectures 01:25:22

Objects (Advanced): Objects Challenges
5 lectures 41:36

Objects (Advanced): Singleton & Module Patterns
5 lectures 38:16

Functions (Advanced)
6 lectures 38:25

Full Professional Project: Typing Test App
75 lectures 09:25:39

ES6 – ES2015: Introduction
1 lecture 03:36

ES6 – Variables & Scoping
9 lectures 47:12

ES6 – Modern Features That Will Make Your Coding Experience Easier!
10 lectures 01:27:35

ES6 – New Data Structures & Iteration (Iterators, Generators, Maps, Sets,…)
8 lectures 01:33:55

ES6 – Modern Array Methods
5 lectures 30:19

ES6 – Classes (static methods, getters / setters, inheritance, extends, super,…)
6 lectures 28:11

Prerequisite Course The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6

  • There is no pre-knowledge required. This course will take you from zero skills to a JS Developer ready job.
  • All you need is a computer.
  • HTML / CSS can help. But no worries as we included videos teaching HTML / CSS from scratch.


The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6

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