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Flaresim is an advanced software for flame simulation and design by engineers professional To engineers Professionally designed . You can irradiate with this program Thermal And foot track Noise Produced By System Torch Platforms Gas plants Refineries And Modeling factories . And   temperature of Levels exposed to Predict range. By this software users they can Pipe Recurrence , Recurrence Audio And Gas Liquid Using Spectrum Wide From Algorithms Implement modeling.

They also they can   the report Information the door units Your To choose and enter , And Can Data to the unit Another the door Each Time to convert. Flaresim is used to facilitate the design and simulation of vent system piping and flare systems throughout all stages of the design process.

In the program environment, a flow chart is used to directly represent the pipe network. Alongside this chart, additional tables are included, including all necessary information and calculated results. It is often used to model piping systems for flare systems.

Features and Features of Flaresim Software:

– Case Study Manager: You can use this feature   \\\”Studies Item ” That\\\’s the model Talk With Amounts Different data And Record Selection Can create results Compare studies . Input data It can Amounts Discrete Or Increment of Spectrum Wide From Values .

– Dynamic Analysis: With this feature   Ability   Highlighting current How Different flare With Time And Computing How Radiation The result of noise And Surface temperature With Time Discrete Receivers Different   You will have.

– REFPROP Physical Properties Prediction: Packaging Physical REFPROP Right now   To Forecast Exact More Properties Fluids available Is .

– KO Drum Sizing: This Allows you to   Points From Desist Drama On Basis Time Rally Liquid or Drops At least Size Measure the carryover .

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

Windows 10

Recommended Hardware

Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2


200MB hard drive space


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Download Softbits Flaresim

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