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PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners is the name of a web development visualization suite in the object-oriented programming branch. PHP programming enthusiasts can start learning object-oriented programming from beginner level. Dear students, you will also get another level of programming by watching this course. In fact, you can create powerful web applications by learning effective concepts and skills.

In this course you will learn in particular the new OOP methods in object-oriented programming. If you are also one of those programmers who is familiar with PHP but has not achieved what you want, this course will guide you to success in the best way possible. You will also be given training and projects during this training course that will help you improve your skills by solving them.

PHP OOP Course Features: Object Oriented Programming for Beginners:

  • Learn object-oriented programming language skills to build powerful software
  • Learn the latest OOP methods in PHP programming language
  • Learn how to build PHP OOP software with diverse capabilities
  • Learn about the latest PHP coding techniques
  • And…

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Edwin Diaz, Coding Faculty Solutions
  • Level: beginner to advanced
  • Duration: 18:26:44
  • Number of lessons: 224 lessons
  • English language

PHP OOP Course Topics: Object Oriented Programming for Beginners:

Course content
224 lectures 18:26:44

Getting Started
6 lectures 23:59

OOP Fundamentals
11 lectures 01:05:52

OOP Project – Building a Photo Gallery System
6 lectures 27:04

Database Class
11 lectures 44:17

The User Class
17 lectures 01:26:54

The Session Class
15 lectures 01:17:23

Files Basics
3 lectures 20:58

Uploading Files
6 lectures 40:54

CRUD: Create Method
5 lectures 20:46

CRUD: Method Update
2 lectures 10:04

CRUD: Delete Method
2 lectures 12:46

Abstracting and Improving
11 lectures 47:17

The Photo Class
19 lectures 01:40:32

ADMIN PHOTOS: Deletion Section
6 lectures 35:20

ADMIN PHOTOS: Edit Photo Section
10 lectures 50:20

15 lectures 01:09:27

17 lectures 01:11:32

ADMIN: Dashboard Setup
9 lectures 38:41

FRONT-END: Gallery System
5 lectures 25:02

13 lectures 01:03:02

27 lectures 02:13:46

Taking our application online
6 lectures 28:24

Extra Lectures
2 lectures 12:28


  • HTML
  • Procedural PHP

PHP OOP Images: Object Oriented Programming for beginners

PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for Beginners

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