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Sigrity software for simulation and signal integrity in high-frequency circuits. With the advancement of digital processing technology, the need for faster processing has grown increasingly, Prdzashgrhayy that necessarily needs to work faster circuits with higher processing speeds and higher frequencies are located. By increasing the speed signals for accurate speed up the signals on routes that are mounted on boards PCB or boards laminated issues and new problems arises in the case of Field, gripped engineers will be events such as interference, distortion and noise and signal integrity at high frequencies cause to be subject to threats.

To minimize these threats, compensate them and increase the quality of high-speed circuits, needs analysis and corrective actions that the software Allegro Sigrity it is convenient for us. The software combines technology with design, editing and routing IC and PCB coordinate Cadence® Allegro® enables advanced analysis of both pre-layout and post-layout provides for users.

The software is designed to examine various scenarios in the initial phases allows accurate design and redesign minimized. This software supports reading and writing directly on the PCB and IC design of Allego\’s database. Accurate simulator based on SPICE as well as built-solver for 2d and 3d extracts the user. The software also modeling the transistor-level input and output functions include power-aware IBIS 5.0 support.

Features and Applications Allegro Sigrity:

  •  Perform a wide range of SI analysis or Signal integrity (signal integrity)
  • Early detection of design errors to increase success in the early phases
  • Restrictions can be set quickly and accurately apply the basic processes
  • Improve product performance through exploration and space solutions
  • Evaluation of alternative topologies in infancy
  • Production of S parameters of the topology and signal analysis in the form of parameter S
  • Tables estimate interference designed to increase productivity
  • Was approved after PCB design and IC design directly on boards
  • Multiple evaluation and confirmation signals for different paths on silicon boards
  • And …

required system

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10/2008 Server R2 / 2012 Server (All service packs)


Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot1

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot2

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot3

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot4

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot5

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot6

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot7

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot8

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot9

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity screenshot10

Installation guide

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