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Midas Civil is the most powerful software for analyzing and designing steel, concrete, wood, aluminum and composite structures. Experienced engineers who have a good understanding of the concept of modeling, analysis and design of a structure are well aware of this well-known and professional software. Three years of experience, along with suggestions from engineers working with Midas Civil, have made it the most applicable design and analysis software available in the global marketplace. The toolbars embedded in the graphical user interface make it easy to enter the information needed for modeling, analysis, and design.

The option of creating predefined structures (ready templates) allows the user to create their own structural models in a short period of time. By specifying the height, width, length and number of openings in each direction, the model can be constructed; the above feature is ideal for modeling roof structures, bridges and skyscrapers. Midas Civil accommodates spreadsheet data in its environment, making it easy to create structures with complex geometries. This is useful for modeling complex structures such as bridges, cooling towers, pressure vessels and even amphibious trains.

Features and Features of Midas Civil Software:

Considering the algebraic sign of structural reactions during spectral analysis
– Very powerful graphics
– Optimal meshing
– Determine the level of performance of the structure based on acceptance criteria
– Ability to transfer MIDAS / GEN analysis results to MIDAS / SDS software
– Determine the capacity of beam members, columns and shear walls according to FEMA regulations
– Highly accurate results based on spreadsheet format
– Optimization of steel structures based on strength and relative cross-sectional displacement
– Ability to transfer MIDAS / FX + modeling to MIDAS / CIVIL and MIDAS / GEN
– Detailed design details of metal, concrete, composite, slab and foundation members
– Automatic loading of wind, earthquake and gravity load

system requirements

: Operating Systems

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Recommended Hardware

1.5GHz Processor

2GB of RAM

2GB free hard disk space


midas Civil screenshot

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