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A collection of Microsoft Visual Studio, the development of Integrated Software (Integrated Development Environment or refer to the IDE) and actually package programming company, Microsoft, is it in the design and production of all kinds of software Windows and. websites and apps web is used. The main focus of this set, the design of the software under Net Framework or NET Framework. That this technology, programming languages, types include. Version basic this collection in 1995 and the first version of its official in 1997, and as Microsoft Visual Studio 97 was presented in … up to version 2002 this is a collection of Net Framework support, in fact, with the release of this version is called Visual Studio .NET 2002, was presented; the support of the NET Framework. Took place. This series multi-language programming including the Which including C#, C++, C, etc. VB.NET and also programming languages such as XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML, CSS, etc. ASP.NET noted.

Features and properties of the Microsoft Visual Studio :

– Write and develop all kinds of software the windows under the framework of the NET.

– Design dynamic pages of internet with the use of languages like ASP.NET

– The production of software, mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smart., the PocketPC, and designed with infrastructure Windows

– Analysis codes and test the performance and loading

– Create a connection between the languages and take advantage of the features of each other

– Have the different parts of the editor code, design, and troubleshooting

– Full management of security, database


Tips package Microsoft Visual Studio :

– Version placed in. version of the original and the full Microsoft been trial and downloaded from the website, it not and also without the slightest manipulation is provided.

– This is usually set in the four version of the original provided that we have the most complete version of the Enterprise (which, in versions 2013 and earlier Ultimate was) we present.

System requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Visual Studio 2017 will install and run on the following operating systems:

· Windows 10 version 1507 or higher: Home, Professional, Education, and Enterprise (LTSC, and S, are not supported)

· Windows Server 2016: Standard and Datacenter

· Windows 8.1 (with Update 2919355): Core, Professional and Enterprise

· Windows Server 2012 R2 (with Update 2919355): Essentials, Standard, Datacenter

· Windows 7 SP1 (with latest Windows Updates): Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate


· 1.8 GHz or faster processor. Dual-core or better recommended

· 2 GB of RAM; 4 GB of RAM recommended (2.5 GB minimum if running on a virtual machine)

· Hard disk space: up to 130 GB of available space, depending on features installed; typical installations require 20-50 GB of free space.

· Hard disk speed: to improve performance, install Windows and Visual Studio on a solid state drive (SSD).

· Video card that supports a minimum display resolution of 720p (1280 by 720); Visual Studio will work best at a resolution of WXGA (1366 by 768) or higher.

Supported Languages

Visual Studio is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

You can select the language of Visual Studio during installation. The Visual Studio Installer is available in the same fourteen languages, and will match the language of Windows, if available.

Note: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Office Integration 2017 is available in the ten languages supported by Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, 2017.

Additional Requirements

· Administrator rights are required to install Visual Studio.

· .NET Framework 4.5 is required to install Visual Studio. Visual Studio requires .NET Framework 4.6.1, which will be installed during setup.

· Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC edition and Windows 10 S are not supported for development. You may use Visual Studio 2017 to build apps that run on Windows 10 LTSC and Windows 10 S.

· Internet Explorer 11 or Edge is required for internet-related scenarios. Some features might not work, unless these, or a later version are installed.

· For emulator support, Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise (x64) editions are required. A processor that supports Client Hyper-V and Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) is also required.

· Universal Windows app development, including designing, editing, and debugging, requires Windows 10. Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2 may be used to build Universal Windows apps from the command line.

· The Server Core and Minimal Server Interface options are not supported when running Windows Server.

· Windows containers are not supported, except for Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools.

· Team Foundation Server, 2017 Office Integration requires Office 2016, Office 2013 or Office 2010.

· Xamarin.Android requires a 64-bit edition of Windows and the 64-bit Java Development Kit (JDK).

· PowerShell 3.0 or higher is required on Windows 7 SP1 to install the Mobile Development with C++, JavaScript, or .NET workloads.


Visual Studio screenshot

Installation guide

Version 2019 and 2017 by Microsoft as a ISO not be published, and merely installing online is provided; the version being with a particular all version the for offline in itself. The volume of each version, equivalent to the entire collection.

ISO file in the driver virtual mounts, and then from folder version required, install file to run; for the most complete editing, namely, Enterprise, the folder vs2017ent file vs_enterprise.exe run. The items needed to select and in the next stage select Download all, then install select.

If you need Windows to ReStart and then run the application and if the display window, login to account, tap Not now, maybe later click. Finally, from the Help menu on Register Product, and then Unlock with a Product key, click and use the series contained in the text file register, the.

If you installed the edits, Enterprise, and Professional, from the series the use. Rest of the edits need to enable Do not.

Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise:
Visual Studio 2019 Professional:

This version of the method, certain compressed and its volume is less than or equal to the volume of a Edit from software is.

! About package updates, etc. due to the method fairly complicated and also a lack of performance hundred percent for works and different edits, it is possible to testing and providing support it, we use an integrated and complete we offer.

Download link

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise 16.7.2

Download Part 1 – 5 GB

Download Part 2 – 5 GB

Download Part 3 – 5 GB

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Download Part 5 – 5 GB

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Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 AIO 16.7.0 Update to 16.7.1-16.7.6

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 AIO 16.7.0, Enterprise, Professional, Community

Download Part 1 – 5 GB

Download Part 2 – 5 GB

Download Part 3 – 5 GB

Download Part 4 – 5 GB

Download Part 5 – 5 GB

Download Part 6 – 5 GB

Download Part 7 – 5 GB

Download Section 8 – 883 MB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise v15.9.28 – All Languages

Download Part 1 – 5 GB

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Download Part 3 – 5 GB

Download Part 4 – 5 GB

Download Part 5 – 5 GB

Download Part 6 – 5 GB

Download Part 7 – 5 GB

Download Part 8 – 5 GB

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Download Part 10 – 2.42 GB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 AIO (15.9.28307.1064) ENG-RUS

Includes Enterprise, Professional, Community, Test Professional Editions & Team Explorer + Build Tools

Download Part 1 – 5 GB

Download Part 2 – 5 GB

Download Part 3 – 5 GB

Download Part 4 – 5 GB

Download Part 5 – 5 GB

Download Part 6 – 5 GB

Download Part 7 – 5 GB

Download Section 8 – 5 GB

Download section 9 – 3 GB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 with Update 3 Enterprise

Download Part 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Part 3 – 1 GB

Download Part 4 – 1 GB

Download Part 5 – 1 GB

Download Part 6 – 1 GB

Download Part 7 – 960 mb

Download Visual Studio 2015 Crack Only

Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 5

Download Part 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Part 3 – 1 GB

Download Part 4 – 1 GB

Download Part 5 – 856 MB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Edition

Download Part 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 470 MB

Password file(s):

File size

Version 2019: 39 GB

Version of 2017: 47.4 GB

Version 2015: 5.8 GB

Version 2013: 4.8 GB

Version 2012: 1.4 GB

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