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RISA Technologies is one of the most experienced companies in the field of software development for Structural Engineers. The company started operating in 1987 and, thanks to its engineering team and skilled programmers, within a short period of time was able to make its mark in the market. Since 1987 various products have been marketed by this company and more and more new versions have been given to them with the feedback of the customers, as well as other software manufacturers over time and recognizing the market needs of their products. Has expanded to the present position. The company has extensive engineering experience and with the continued support of its users has maintained the quality of its products at a standard level.

The company claims to use RISA Technologies products from the United States and more than 70 other countries around the world for purposes such as towing, building and developing skyscrapers, airports, stadiums, petrochemical plants, bridges and the like. The present collection includes all products of this company. Products such as: RISA-3D, RisaFloor, Risa-2D, RisaConnection, RisaBase, RisaSection, CIS, etc. The good software features of this company can be pointed to the very good integration of its products, here just like the Office suite that enables It provides the transfer of documents and items between its applications, all programs are seamlessly linked together, making it easier to get things done. RISA Technologies offers a wide range of perfect products to the engineering community, with a good understanding of customer needs and their feedback.

System Requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


RISAConnection screenshot

Installation Guide

In the case of RISA-3D 17.0.4, apparently the crack of this version is incomplete and despite the removal of the term Demo from the program, it still has the limitations of the Demo version of this software. This restriction further includes storing large files. To view the full list of restrictions, run the software without cracking.

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Pay and Download RISAConnection 11.0.2 x64 66 Euro for 2 PC

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Download RISA-3D 17.0.4 x64

Download RISAFloor 12.0.5 x64

Download RISAFoundation 10.0.5 x64

Download RISA Connection 8.0.2

Download RISA 2D 16.01

Download RISA Section 2.0.1

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From 19 to 208 MB


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