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SIMBEOR is the name of a software engineer specialized in electromagnetic signal prediction. In fact, with this software you can analyze various types of electromagnetic signals. In fact, with this product you can make the necessary physical predictions of the PCB physical design and packaging connections for communication links. The software ahead of you is a predictable, versatile and powerful product for connectivity professionals and manufacturers.

SIMBEOR software is very easy to use due to its user-friendly interface. The high precision of this software is another feature of this product. Integration in analytics makes the results of this software highly accurate. It is also the only software capable of measuring up to 50 GHz. Simulation capabilities allow you to achieve the desired results based on your data.

Other benefits of this software are the benefits of 3D waveform analysis for multilayer geometries. This way you can analyze your desired data in a realistic 3D environment.

Features and Features of SIMBEOR Software:

  • Analysis of electromagnetic signals up to 50 GHz
  • The ability to predict the signals to make communication links connections
  • Ability to build and simulate detailed models using GMS parameters
  • Able to identify unique parameters used
  • Unique macro modeling capabilities for frequency and constant time domain analysis
  • Benefit from highly accurate 3D simulation capabilities
  • Analysis of High Frequency Dispersion and Anisotropy Discontinuities and Transmission Lines

System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 10/7/2008

Recommended Hardware
2-3 GHz or faster processor with at least 16 GB of memory (64 GB prefixable); 3D graphic card with OpenGL support.

Simbeor THz Pictures

SIMBEOR screenshot


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  • Note that running inside virtual machine is blocked by the fix. The screenshot shows this as enabled.


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