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Xpedition powerful software for designing printed circuit boards, or PCB\\\’s. This app having all the features required for the PCB design from the early stages of design to final production will be with you and to the interfaces to the features and technology of different to it the cycle time of the design up to 50% usual mode decreases and increases the quality of the final product and the dramatic reduction in resources will be. With the use of the Xpedition, you can easily plan your desired day of check out the evaluate button from the authenticity of it, sure, you can range has been designed to simulate the performance of it before implementing in the real world, see. Xpedition allows you to the most complex and the most delicate printed circuit boards to the easy design. The program product, the company Mentor Graphics and has a comprehensive product in the field of design, fibers, PCB is considered. Engineers, electrical and electronics, can features unparalleled this product for your projects use.

Features and software features Xpedition :

  • Design and management of automated data to reduce the design time and also reduce errors resulting from manually manage the data
  • The prototype circuit to avoid the cost of additional prototype physical
  • The high quality of design for parts of electrical, thermal and electromechanical
  • Reduce the cycle of design, from 30% to 60%
  • Environment comfortable working
  • Has the Freq RF to combine with PCD
  • Tracking the paths of multiple B at the same time
  • The possibility of creating several configurations distinct to different products from a single database unit
  • Plan review based on the rules and frameworks set
  • Apply the rules specified for the several point of the design
  • And …

System requirements

OS: Windows XP SP3 x86 / Windows Vista SP2 x86/x64 / Windows 7 SP1 x86/x64 / Windows 8.1 x64 / Windows 10 x64 / Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD processor minimum.
Memory: 2GB Minimum, 4 GB Recommended
Swap Space: 2x the amount of RAM
Hard disk: 10 GB minimum


Mentor Graphics Xpedition

Installation guide

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Download link

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File size

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