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Java Web Services is the name of a Java programming language video tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to properly design, create and secure SOAP and REST web services. This tutorial also covers all the basic concepts and you can easily get the most out of this tutorial with the least background. Also, all of the tutorials in this set are simple to say and you will easily learn the best practices available.

In the second part of this series you will learn how to easily develop a SOAP service. You will learn everything you need to know about WS Security. You will also be introduced to the concept of cryptography and decryption. In fact, by learning the second course, you will learn the concepts of advanced web services and learn how to implement them step by step in this tutorial.

Java Web Services course features:

You dear students will begin learning SOAP and REST web services using the number one course in this set of introductory levels and then become an expert in the field. In this course, you will also have 265 video sessions for students. Also in the second course of this series you will have 108 training sessions for students. You will learn both the courses in this series and learn the concepts of advanced web services.

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Bharath Thippireddy
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 12:57:39 – 04:17:16
  • Number of courses: 265 lessons (first course) – 108 (second course)
  • Language: English with English and Spanish subtitles

Java Web Services headlines:

Course content
277 lectures 13:18:36

Software Setup, Troubleshooting and Notes
9 lectures 13:45

Web Services – The Big Picture
4 lectures 17:02

XML and XML Definition Crash Course Schema
15 lectures 48:04

SOAP Web Services Concepts
8 lectures 41:39

SOAP Web Services Design and Implementation
3 lectures 10:14

10 lectures 37:45

Apache CXF
14 lectures 32:19

Developing Top Down Web Services
15 lectures 36:59

Java SOAP Client
8 lectures 18:00

Developing Bottom Up Web Services
9 lectures 22:45

WS Standards
11 lectures 31:47

User Name Token Profile Client
7 lectures 18:24

7 lectures 18:11

JAX-WS Handlers
11 lectures 29:23

SOAP Faults
4 lectures 10:57

REST Web Services Concepts
5 lectures 20:30

RESTFul Design and Implementation
15 lectures 52:59

Configuring JSON Support
6 lectures 15:07

REST Error Handling
6 lectures 20:42

JAX-RS Cient API – Creating Java REST Clients
10 lectures 27:11

JAX-RS Injection
11 lectures 30:11

Asynchronous REST
11 lectures 28:12

REST and Spring Security
9 lectures 21:54

OAuth Concepts
5 lectures 21:19

REST Attachments
10 lectures 28:45

Jersey Quick Start
4 lectures 11:42

REST Using Spring MVC Quick Start
5 lectures 16:22

REST and Database CRUD Operations
13 lectures 35:54

Interview Help and Wrap Up
5 lectures 09:11

3 lectures 11:08

WSDL Creation
11 lectures 23:26

CRUD Operations Using SOAP
13 lectures 29:11

Java Web Services Part 2

Start Here

3 Lectures


SOAP Web Service Creation

9 Lectures


SOAP Web Service Client Creation

4 Lectures


SOAP WS Standards Concepts

3 Lectures


WS Security – Authentication

11 Lectures


Encryption and Decryption Concepts

4 Lectures


WS Security – Confidentiality (Encryption / Decryption)

16 Lectures


WS Security – Integrity (Signatures)

6 Lectures


WS Security – Non Repudiation (Timestamp)

4 Lectures


Securing parts of the message

5 Lectures


Implement OAuth 2 Security for REST Using Spring Boot

6 Lectures


Create the Spring Boot REST Application

4 Lectures


Loading users and roles

5 Lectures


Create the Authorization Server and Resource Server

12 Lectures


Test the application

5 Lectures


Swagger Quick Start

10 Lectures


Wrap Up

1 Lecture



Part 1:

Spring Tool Suite

Java Knowledge

Part 2:

Complete my Java Web Services Course on UDemy

Or Should Have Apache CXF and SOAP and REST Web Services Knowledge


Java Web Services

Java Web Services Part 2

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