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PMP Exam Prep Seminar – Pass the PMP on Your First Attempt One of the courses useful is that you users can get at it, learn how you can be an expert professional project yourself . Certification PMP stands for Project Management Professional means an expert project management . In this period, educational techniques and useful trick for project management out there that can use them. PMP certification yourself, get it . In many organizations, project management, etc., who got consider that a PMP certification have and luckily, you dear users can take advantage of this course, a perfect, a perfect expert, project management, wash, and to get the PMP certification apply .

In this period, more than 35 hours of video training, etc. 630 page PDF ebook and the tests and exams for various applications out there that can do all it’s completely free for Get . Also the more than 280 exercises and questions in this course is included that can they benefit you can be of yourself, a test of general at the end of the period of contact . I can use the training courses, PMP Exam Prep all the techniques and ways to manage the project fully and properly learn .

The profile of training course, PMP Exam Prep Seminar – Pass the PMP on Your First Attempt :

Language : English

Duration Time : 30 hours and 4 minutes

Number of courses : 381

Instructor : Joseph Phillips

Playback in : Windows, TV, mobile

The full list of headings and titles education

PMP Exam Prep Seminar - Pass the PMP on Your First Attempt


  • Students should qualify for the PMP exam and already know the fundamentals of project management
  • They should be dedicated to completing this course and have a deep desire to pass the PMP exam

Images PMP Exam Prep Seminar – Pass the PMP on Your First Attempt

PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6

PMP Exam Prep Seminar - Pass the PMP on Your First Attempt

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Previous titles:

PMP Exam Prep: Earn Your PMP Certification

PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2020/4 compared to 2019/1 and 2019/11 in terms of the number of courses and the total time unchanged, but the headings, change the time of a minor have been.

Version 2020/7 compared to 2020/4 number 1 Lesson 4 minutes increased.

Version 2021/1 compared to 2020/7 number 89, lessons, and about 6 hours increased. The name change also have.

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