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NavCad is the name of a specialized software for predicting and analyzing ship speed and vessel power performance. It is also perfect for selecting the right propulsion components such as engines, gearboxes, and propellers, and helps you choose the best element for the boat and boat you want. You can use NavCad to design and analyze any type of single-body or high-speed boat, and explore the different types of ships and vessels.

NavCad software is a specialized and powerful software used by Navy designers and engineers. The program is capable of analyzing the performance of the ship from the shell to assessing the variety of multi-blade fans. The software is the most complete platform for modeling ship speed and power performance and has an extensive library of types of resistance. You can save your final report as a PDF, DOC, or CSV file. Use high precision analysis software.

Features and features of NavCad software:

  • Prediction of vessel body resistance
  • Static Thrust Analysis
  • Select the right propulsion system components including engines, gearboxes, and propellers
  • Calculate ship speed
  • Design and analysis of all types of boats
  • Supports PDF, DOC, or CSV output format

System Requirements

NavCad ™ is a Windows program for use with Windows NT, 2000 or XP. A pentium CPU, 8 Mb of ram and 10 Mb of hard disk space is required. Windows 98 can also be used, but is no longer officially supported. With regards to hardware, any modern PC will do.


NavCad screenshot

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