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The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course is the name of a video tutorial on programming and web development in the web design department. In fact, this course as a comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to design a web page from beginning to end. As a student, you will complete 9 real projects in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and more. By the end of this course and by learning all the tutorials you will become a powerful web developer.

On the other hand, thanks to watching this video course, you will be introduced to the most used and used tools and technologies used by major IT companies such as Google, Amazon and others. Also, all the films of this period have been produced in a very good way. So that as a student you will get the most out of this course. This course will also be an ideal course for anyone in elementary to intermediate levels who is interested in learning the basics of web development.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn the basics of programming and website design from basic to advanced
  • Perform over 9 real projects to improve your programming skills
  • Very good understanding of how to design websites and how to do it
  • Learn about the latest and most important web development tools and techniques
  • Learn the skills needed to communicate with servers and databases
  • And…

Course specifications The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course

  • English language
  • Duration: 47:20:13
  • Number of lessons: 292
  • Instructor: Vertex Academy
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

Course content
292 lectures 47:20:13

Getting Started
2 lectures 11:57

20 lectures 01:45:01

Project 1: Coffee & Cake
4 lectures 40:48

40 lectures 05:52:43

4 lectures 21:50

5 lectures 32:38

Project 2: ExotiCar
4 lectures 01:20:58

8 lectures 48:22

Project 3: Gotham
7 lectures 02:16:32

Bootstrap 4
12 lectures 01:29:50

Project 4: Let\’s Travel
1 lecture 34:59

Project 5: CNN News Website
11 lectures 04:28:35

JavaScript (ES2018)
60 lectures 07:04:57

Project 6: Block Manipulation
3 lectures 01:00:52

The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course Content

Project 7: Balloons
6 lectures 02:01:28

15 lectures 02:11:26

Project 8: To-Do List
2 lectures 42:08

4 lectures 51:16

The Command Line (CLI)
4 lectures 26:56

Node.js: Getting Started
6 lectures 29:08

Node.js: npm
4 lectures 32:25

Node.js: Routing
9 lectures 01:22:17

Node.js: Modules
4 lectures 27:22

Node.js: Asynchronous JavaScript
6 lectures 51:15

Node.js: MongoDB
15 lectures 01:27:11

Node.js: REST API & AJAX
11 lectures 01:27:12

Project 9: Let\’s Travel (Advanced)
22 lectures 05:25:14

3 lectures 34:53

Prerequisites The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course

  • No pre-knowledge is required
  • Have a computer with Internet
  • Be ready to build great resume-worthy websites


The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course

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