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TerraExplorer application to display and build GIS is a powerful tool for the production, processing, analyzing, and managing geographic information offers. This application is a high-quality three-dimensional environment provides for you by which you can view and analyze geographic data. TerraExplorer extensive new features that allow you to put the three-dimensional models, unlimited layers of information, and visualization of 3D virtual objects on the ground can realistically get there.

Software TerraExplorer addition to tools for analyzing and measuring distances, slope, measure the dimensions of the offers of other advanced features, including measurements of three-dimensional area of ​​ground, comparing pictures, and calculate the map lines are also . Users of this application can also be advanced analysis on their own geographic data and three-dimensional environment with the help of various tools and features to edit it.

Features and Applications TerraExplorer:

  • View and construction of geographic information system ( GIS )
  • Production, processing, analyzing, and managing geographic data
  • Observation and analysis of geographic data
  • Put the three-dimensional models, layers of information, and virtual objects on the ground
  • Realistic 3D visualization
  • Analysis and measuring distances, slope, and assessment
  • Three-dimensional measuring land area, compare images, and calculate the visible contour map
  • Edit the three-dimensional environment

required system 

Operating System: Windows® 7/8/10 – 64-bit.

System Memory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended).

Processor: 4 cores (8 cores recommended).

Video Card: 512 MB of video memory (1 GB or more recommended). Pixel and vertex shader v3.0.

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher.


Skyline TerraExplorer Pro

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the folder Crack is given.

The license of this program has expired and the only way to activate it is to set the system date on any date before 28/07/2021. After installation, copy the license file to the software installation location. If you get an error in execution, ignore it and after execution, check the license status in the software menu (top left), Resources -> License Manager.

download link

Download Skyline TerraExplorer Pro

Password file (s):


129 MB

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