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SPSS Masterclass: Learn SPSS From Scratch to Advanced Yvdmy is one of the top courses in the footsteps software SPSS statistical analysis to teach you. If you look from day to day increasing value of data and its analysis. Harvard University had predicted in a report in 2012. It was in the same report notes that researchers and statistical analysts will have a special place in the future. Today really happened.

Size is a lot more companies and businesses need to analyze this data to improve their businesses. This course interested in statistics for deep and accurate data analysis software SPSS will become familiar with the discussions. Understanding the different parts of the SPSS statistical applications requires familiarity with and without the knowledge of the sectors that can not be done useful work in the program.

In this course topics such as how to understand and gain insight into the business, understanding consumer behavior, brand and even documentation of statistical journals and dissertations are well trained. This course is not specific to a particular class. The students, like students and researchers who have a good understanding of statistics and data analysis to achieve their personal projects can benefit from the concepts discussed in the course.

Content courses SPSS Masterclass: Learn SPSS From Scratch to Advanced

  • Analysis of numerical data in SPSS
  • Understand how to design research results for publication in scientific journals
  • Educational program of basic research
  • Detailed analysis of data in a standard format

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  •  English language
  • Duration: 30:41:18
  • Course number: 396
  • Lecturer: Dr. Sanjay Singh & Yogita Aggarwal
  • File Format: Video: h264, 1280 × 720 | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2 Ch
  • Playback: Windows, Mobile, TV

A full list of titles

Content Course
396 lectures 30:41:18

1 lecture 03:42

SPSS and Installing Downloading
3 lectures 11:46

& Resources Dataset
1 lecture 00:14

Further Readings on Method and References
3 lectures 02:04

Foundation of Statistics Conceptual
2 lectures 12:59

Entry Data: Learning to Enter Data in SPSS
13 lectures 56:52

Various File Types in SPSS with Working
3 lectures 24:43

Transformation in SPSS Data: Recode and Other Transformation Functions
10 lectures 44:12

Statistics using SPSS Descriptive
17 lectures 01:07:43

Sample t-test Independent: Comparing Two Independent Group Means
4 lectures 19:22

Sample t-test Paired: Comparing Two Correlated Group Differences between Means
4 lectures 12:52

Way ANOVA-One: Comparing More than Two Differences between Groups
7 lectures 27:01

Regression Linear: Cause and Effect Analysis of One on One DV IV
5 lectures 15:35

Regression Multiple: Causal Effect of Many One IVs on DV
11 lectures 43:21

Regression Analysis Hierarchical
5 lectures 34:45

Factor Analysis Exploratory
28 lectures 02:53:56

Test-Square Chi
10 lectures 39:27

Analysis Reliability
18 lectures 01:07:28

Presentation & Data Visualization in SPSS Graphical
17 lectures 01:19:20

Regression Logistic
43 lectures 02:59:17

PROCESS using Macro Analysis and Mediation Moderation
46 lectures 03:03:30

Linear Modelling General (GLM) Generalized Linear & Modelling (Glim)
7 lectures 19:35

Way Repeated Measure ANOVA-One
29 lectures 02:34:37

40 lectures 02:15:36

Association of Measures
23 lectures 01:15:55

Fixing in SPSS Bug
1 lecture 10:58

4 lectures 54:55

ANCOVA: One-Way Analysis of Covariance
17 lectures 02:00:01

For SPSS Users Python
24 lectures 02:49:48


The course is built from scratch so no prior knowledge of SPSS or Statistics is required. We cover all the required details in the course both theory and practical part.
The learners must have a copy of SPSS software to practise the steps taught in this course.

Pictures SPSS Masterclass: Learn SPSS From Scratch to Advanced

SPSS Masterclass: Learn SPSS From Scratch to Advanced

Movie Sample SPSS Masterclass: Learn SPSS From Scratch to Advanced

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Version 2019/7 to 2017/10 a total of 163 lessons and 13 hours and 6 gigabytes increased. Subtitles have been added.

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