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Master the Fourier transform and its applications is a course from Yodemi site in the field of Fourier transform training in MATLAB and Python, which also teaches its applications in digital signal processing and image processing. Fourier transform is one of the most important operations in modern technology and its many applications in human civilization. But this is transforming how it works and what use is that?

This course focuses on the implementation of the Fourier transform in the computer and use digital signal processing and image processing applications, and you will become familiar with aspects of the engineering and computing.

Where the course is taught:

  • Understanding the implications of the Fourier transform
  • Understanding and interpreting the results of Fourier transform
  • Applying the Fourier transform in MATLAB and Python
  • Using Fourier transform in signal processing applications
  • Python and MATLAB programming skills
  • Understanding the limitations of the Fourier transform

Profile period Master the Fourier transform and its applications:

  • English language
  • Duration: 6h 42m
  • Number of Courses: 57
  • Education level: Medium
  • Instructor: Mike X Cohen
  • File Format: mp4

Course topics

Master the Fourier transform and its applications

Prerequisite Courses

  • A curious mind!
  • Some MATLAB or Python experience is useful but not required
  • High-school math (calculus is not necessary)
  • Previous knowledge of the Fourier transform is NOT necessary!
  • * Manually correct English captions *


Master the Fourier transform and its applications

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Subtitle: English

Quality: 1080p

The previous name of this course was Understand the Fourier transform and its applications.


Version 2021/11 has increased by 3 lessons and duration of 36 minutes compared to 2018/6. Also, its quality has been improved from 720p to 1080p and English subtitles have been added to it.

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