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Beginner React 2019, a new collection of video tutorials in the field of development, and the branches are React. In fact, you dear students watching the course, basic concepts and principles Ryakt will understand.

This means that you are making a real powerful web application that uses this library with all what you need to learn good and practical. Another feature of this period, according to the publisher of the series, learning is fun and interesting skills. This means that you as a real project that website is like IMDB site, just applied the principles to learn.

Where the course is taught:

  • Learn how to build a complete project from the base to the end to help React
  • Learn how to use the Create-React-App as your business base
  • Understanding the basics and fundamental Reactjs just fun
  • Learn how to create and use the components available in the library React
  • Learn how to connect to an external API
  • And…

Profile period Beginner React 2019:

  • English language
  • Duration: 4 hours and 5 minutes.
  • Number of Courses: 20
  • Level: Beginner
  • Instructor: Thomas Weibenfalk
  • File Format: mp4

Course topics Beginner React 2019

Content Course
20 lectures 04:05:59

2 lectures 11:33

Home page The – part 1
2 lectures 24:57

On props and state Short
1 lecture 09:05

Home page The – part 2
3 lectures 48:48

Router React
1 lecture 13:54

Movie Page The
4 lectures 49:18

Proptypes checking with Type
1 lecture 05:26

Storage Local
1 lecture 08:14

Build deploy for Production
1 lecture of 03:30

BONUS – Destructuring Props and State
1 lecture 07:02

BONUS – Async & Await
1 lecture 07:54

BONUS – ADVANCED – Refactoring and cleaning up code
1 lecture 21:05

BONUS – ADVANCED – Hooks – Usestate – Useeffect and Custom Hook
1 lecture 35:13

Prerequisite Courses Beginner React 2019

  • Basic coding principles
  • Javascript fundamentals
  • HTML and CSS (CSS not that important)


Beginner React 2019

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