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Sequentum ( formerly Content Grabber ) is a very good software to extract information from Internet websites. Usually the information you see on websites is tied to the site structure and cannot be saved to your preferred format. With this program you can extract various information such as tables, images, videos and other types of data from almost any site and store them in a structured format in XML, CSV and Excel reports. One of the important features of this program is the ability to automate data mining operations; you define an Agent for each site and its mission is to extract data from your target areas; after that you define Agents to automatically and Visit the site all the time and extract new data.

Content Grabber is well able to understand complex information structures, even those websites whose information is dynamically and momentarily changed, or information that is placed on different pages and that you need to page number to view new information. The program is able to identify and extract specific image and video formats that cannot be saved normally. It supports many output formats including XML, CSV, Excel or Oracle databases, SQL SERVER, My Sql an

d OLE DB. This data is very valuable and can be analyzed to identify business competitors.

Features and Features of Content Grabber:

  • High ability to detect data even from Dynamic and Ajax websites
  • Supports extensive output formats
  • Simple graphical interface and easy operation
  • Ability to automate extraction operations according to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly schedules
  • Ability to monitor competitors’ social networks
  • Instant report of site changes

System Requirements

Recommended minimum requirements:
64bit Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 / 2019
Intel Core i5-6xxx or equivalent
16GB RAM (+2GB of RAM for each agent you want to run in parallel)
500 GB internal hard drive.


Sequentum Content Grabber

Installation Guide

The software is released from version 2.73 called Sequentum Enterprise.

Download Link

Download Sequentum Enterprise 2.73.1 x64

 Download Content Grabber Premium 2.72.3 x64

Download Content Grabber Enterprise 2 New Crack

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