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COMFAR is software that allows the user to simulate short-term and long-term financial and economic status of investment projects. Camphor helps with industrial analysis as well as non-industrial projects.

COMFAR III Business Planner: Enables the user to analyze investment projects. Economic evaluation module is not included in this product.

COMFAR III Mini Expert: A software package designed to evaluate fundraising investment opportunities introductory. Unlike COMFAR III Expert and COMFAR III Business Planner, it does not support user-defined evolved flexibility. This software has high compatibility with the introduced programs. This means that files created by Mini Expert can be uploaded directly to two other products.

Features and Features of COMFAR Software:

  • New Project Development and Rehabilitation Option
  • Joint venture project option, planning horizon variable up to 60 years
  • Variable time structure: Construction and commissioning
  • Financial Analysis (enterprise level): Investment Costs, Production, Sales Plans, Finances and Debts, Business Results
  • Economic Analysis (Macro Level): Calculating Economic Rate of Return, Value Added, Currency and Employment Impact
  • Graphic Presentation Results: The ability to generate graphical representation of the ratio as well as cash flow structures, costs and revenues
  • Sensitivity analysis: Ability to show how to return inventory or change the profitability of an investment with different amounts allocated to the variables needed to calculate (purchase price, unit costs, sales volume, etc.)

required system  

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x86 / x64



Installation guide

Version 3.3a:

It is included in the Readme file; this version does not support Farsi.

Version 3:

It is listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder; this version is only active in Windows XP.

download link

Price of v3.3a for Win64 is 68 Euro and for Win10 x86 is 48 Euro ; submit a ticket for other pay methods

Download COMFAR III Expert 3.0 Full

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