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Django 2.2 & Python The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp is the name of a video tutorial on web design and development by Django. In fact, this course is designed for those Python programmers who plan to build and design a website. In this training course, Python programmers will be able to fully develop and implement their website with the help of Django. It should be noted that while viewing this course, you will design and operate three complete websites.

The course also offers challenges, challenges, and opportunities for students to learn more conceptually. You will learn the basics and skills of Django website design and Python programming language by practicing your challenges and challenges. Also, your previous knowledge of Python can help you learn better, but you don\’t need to have Python programming experience to view this course.

What you will learn in Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp:

  • Learn how to design and build a variety of websites
  • Understand how to use frameworks like Django to save you time
  • Learn how to build a dynamic personal website from your portfolio
  • Learn how to build web sites that lead to monetization
  • Learn how to design and program your web pages with Bootstrap
  • And…

Django 2.2 & Python The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp course specifications:

  • English language
  • Duration: 10h 3m
  • Number of courses: 78
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Instructor: Nick Walter
  • File format: mp4

Course Topics:

Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp

Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp Prerequisites

  • You will need a computer and an interest in learning Django!
  • Some experience with coding in any language is a plus, but not required


Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp

Sample movie

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English subtitle

Quality: 720p


Version 2019/6 is about 1.5 GB larger than 2018/11.

Version 2019/8 increased to 1 lesson and few seconds compared to 2019/6.

Version 2019/9 increased 1 lesson and 3 minutes compared to 2019/8.

Version 2019/11 increased by 1 lesson compared to 2019/9.

Version 2020/9 compared to 2019/11 has not changed the number of courses and time. Updated more than 6 months after the previous update.

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