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SOFiSTiK powerful software to design three-dimensional and suitable for graphical designers or engineers can be. This app has Analysis powerful can be used, since it can model detailed and engineered design layout. The program for the design of buildings, various structures such as tunnels and bridges, and … goes to work. This app has the ability to Sofistik Structural Desktop is to you in the design of the different models with the interface is a good that can provide help.

With the ability to CADINP can parameter your desired easily enter the program to get the model more accurate in mind. With the ability to ASE can Analysis a variety of on the three-dimensional model, bound himself to do. Features STAR can help you up, template, three-dimensional Your of in various ways, and check. With SlabDesigner PRO can walls etc. parts and …. The analysis below. TALPA to help you get that analysis, superficial and non-superficial, etc., strain, and stress do. With the ability to PHYSICA can your structures under fluid different check and changes made in it, by the wind, and … check.

Specs and features of the software SOFiSTiK :

  • Analysis of three-dimensional for engineers
  • High detail for graphical designers
  • The possibility of creating different pieces
  • The possibility of entering the parameter and the desired text in the app
  • Check structures in the fluid
  • Check the system in terms of dynamical and physical
  • The interface is suitable for different models of that design models contribute significantly helps.
  • HYDRA to check for potential problems possible

System requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10


SOFiSTiK screenshot

Installation guide

In the Readme file included in the folder Crack is given.

Download link

Download SOFiSTiK 2023 SP0 Build 86 x64

Download SOFiSTiK 2023 SP0 Build 48 For Rhino 6-7 x64

Download SOFiSTiK BIM Apps 2023-0 for Autodesk Revit 2023 x64 (Includes Analysis + Design, Analytical Model Generator, BIM tools, Bridge Modeler, Reinforcement, SOFiCAD Export)

Download SOFiSTiK 2022 SP 2022-5 Build 929 x64

Download SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2022 SP 2022-2 Build 558 x64 for Autodesk AutoCAD 2022 x64

Download SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design 2022 SP 2022-2 for Autodesk Revit 2022 x64

Download SOFiSTiK 2020 SP 2020.7.1 Build 1417 x64

Download SOFiSTiK 2020 SP 2020.6 Build 1292 x64

Download SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020-6 Build 106 x64 for AutoCAD

Download SOFiSTiK 2020 SP 2020-5 Build 1128 x64

Download SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020 SP 2020-5 Build 105 for Autodesk AutoCAD 2021

Download SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing & Reinforcement Generation 2020 SP 2020-2 Build 357 x64

Download SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design 2020 SP 2020-2 Build 566 x64

Download SOFiSTiK Bridge Modeler 2020 SP 2020-2 Build 364 x64

Download SOFiSTiK 2018 SP 2018-13 Build 2 x64

Download SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing Generation 2019

Password file(s):

File size

480 MB

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    About: SOFiSTiK 2022 SP 2022-2 Build 558 x64 + for AutoCAD / Revit 2022

    is the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface 2022 plugin available?


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