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Component drawing table Teechart Pro library with hundreds of graph two-dimensional and three-dimensional to draw the data. 56 the function of math, statistical and Financial has been the ability to draw in each coordinate axis with 30 different colors to the user that.

TeeChart for .NET powerful software in order to drag the statistic graphs according to the different requirements that working with it is very simple and using it can hit your web also to show bring. Three is an important goal that this engineering program, strengthen community, financial, scientific, and statistical can be. This software maps and various diagrams Interactive for NET; Desktop, Mobile and browser pages can offer. This program all the source code necessary on the web, your site is placed and the public can access it.

TeeChart for .NET for more than 15 years of activity in the realm of charts and chart statistical is. You can easily get your data into the Environment Program, and chart create your own custom, then the possibility of displaying it in the street system to shape responsive, there will be. Various functions and markers of diversity are also included, which with the help of which you can dominate more on the system, statistically, your mind, etc., for example, can be Open-High-Low-Close Series, Candle, Volume noted. The web form created by this app can be used in the browser observed, the form with Html 5 and Javascript power they have taken can be in two forms to display in it. or in the form of a direct it, stream it or it\’s on the file loading and then for the public to be showcased.

Features and properties of component Teechart :

Provide full source code: All source code component TeeChart Pro in the request, etc. is available. Source component TeeChart from development environment integrated (IDE) in common between Apple and Windows (such as software, RAD Studio, and programming languages Delphi and C++) support in the new version, using codes, the environment, FireMonkey, etc. the ability to use the source code routine to compile software for use on Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android brings.

High speed and consume low memory: codes, tables, graphics this component directly and directly with the graphical interface of Windows (GDI), and will be. In this working model, data were not collected in arrays, the dynamics of which is very much like the structure of the arrays addressable main memory is stored and the operation, access and manipulate the content of this array will almost with the speed of computer processors do. Codes, etc., especially when drawing the re, tables, etc. as much as possible to increase the speed of component simple are. Other relational rendering graphics such as OpenGL three-dimensional, DirectX, and… to the size of your graphical interface, Windows, to draw real-time tables fast, they are not.

Designed in several modules (parts) to reduce the space run: a table with patterns, basic drawing (lines, bars, page, circle, point), etc. alone, space to size 190 KB are. Packages (groups of the components above), based on the categories of each feature, etc. is grouped. Developers can be closed, such personal build, or based on their needs, using a relational .Net models personal and considered create their own.

Easy to use in the design, run:

 TeeChart from editors full and powerful, for almost all component and sub-component are used. The editors at both design time and run available developer are. Component TeeCommander (bar tool with buttoned special drawing table), and easy access to the editor, schema print, and features full use TeeChart provides.

Interface object-oriented programming: the architecture of TeeChart fully object oriented. Almost everything in this environment or an object, or to the class of an object belongs. Features., the documentation about events, methods and events, also of a general pattern and regular follow. To the expressive characteristics of the more TeeChart Pro consists of 161 modules, and a 90-page template, and a total of 798 object classes is different. Each class features is that in the majority of scenarios., the following classes from your interface, TeeChart, has been, or in the form of a plethora of classes development environment integrated Apple and windows.

Documentation and examples are abundant: the help file and documentation include a resource guide of. user guide, description, examples, and examples, along with extensive projects in the form of 376 samples and full source of each project is provided. This help also to explain the rules and features of the interface between the operating system, Apple and windows), and is integrated with the interface development, in design time to help the developer pops. Button F1 in almost every drawer, etc. the full description of the elements codes component display.

Offered in a variety of languages: ability to use the 37 languages with the description provided on both the Environment, time, design, and implementation of the component. As soon as compile your software , etc., description, parts used from TeeChart without the need of any dll file and foreign with the use of a call to a function like simple TeeSetSpanish() is entirely in the relevant language is provided.

Other capabilities of the TeeChart :

  • We offer a complete and customizable chart types for data visualization, such as : line, bar, area, point and figure, volume, high and low box etc
  • Support all kinds of circuit and line, plus the composition and includes custom options
  • Export charts in image format (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, SVG, PDF, EPS, VML, WMF/EMF and Flex/Flash)
  • Graphs of the standard array VCL they use, which increases the speed and memory consumption becomes less.
  • Support of multi-axis, to the voice horizontally and vertically at the same table, هیچچ limit on the number of Axis in a chart, Jude does not
  • Zoom, scroll to the facial animation and Live includes 16 theme by default, which causes the rapid change of many properties of the chart with one click can be.
  • Color pallet, adjustable transparency, 3 color Gradient , OpenGL, two-dimensional and three-dimensional with 360 degree rotation, light and shadows
  • Over 60 graph types, including : Cascading Style Sheets, histogram, contour, radar, Smith, vector, three-dimensional, clock, map, GIS, Enterprise, etc.
  • Providing a library of maps with the properties and features, such for the customization chart
  • Create or connect to an existing database or dataset in the project
  • Contains a collection of 51 instruments for the ability to draw charts extras like annotation, the following chart, etc.
  • More than 50 indicators, financial and administrative, such as the accelerator, ADX, ATR, etc.

System Requirements

Delphi 7-Rio 10.4

DotNet 4.0



Download Link


Download TeeChart Pro VCL-FMX v.2022.35.220329 for Alexandria

Download TeeChart VCL FMX 2021.33

Download TeeChart VCL FMX 2021.33 Delphi 26 Binaries windows pak

Download TeeChart VCL FMX Professional 2021.33.210915 Extracted Sources

Download TeeChart Pro VCL-FMX 2020.30.200525 Source Code

Download TeeChart Pro VCL FMX Source Code 2020.29.200113


Download TeeChart.NET Pro 4.2019.8.8 + Demos

Download TeeChart.NET 2017 v4.1.2017.03147


Download TeeChart Pro 2017 ActiveX

Download Teechart Pro 2016.0.02 ActiveX 32bit

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File size

48 MB

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