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Lighthouse Studio, etc. product, the Sawtooth name, specialized software and of course very efficient in the field of survey can be. In fact, you to help of this software can use a variety of surveys customized to your in the form of surveys online and offline mood please. On the other hand, while you survey your get this product, you have, you can Analysis very good from surveys get. This software, as well as comprehensive to write questionnaires and studies, research is also very appropriate and you can do your own research to help the product written below.

Benefit from the capabilities category your documents, including the feature very useful software Lighthouse Studio are expected to be. The researchers also to the help of this software can research your pack to a variety of different topics in the form of various prepared and ready to. On the other hand, the creators of this software have tried to range the construction of the questionnaire and survey are very broad is. This means that you to help of this software can in the form and format is very diverse and pre-designed questions and surveys of your prepare.

You can also use the questionnaires and surveys are designed in different file format such as Excel, and. PDF or HTML output of the preparation session. It should be noted that the documentation comprehensive Help included in the app and you can use this section to overall this product better familiar was.

Features and software features Lighthouse Studio :

  • The use is very easy thanks to the template, prepared in scheme questionnaire
  • The possibility of using the pre-built dynamic in the poll
  • Benefit from the ability to export and import text surveys for easy translation
  • The possibility of viewing the display, questionnaires, and surveys on your personal computer
  • Ability to customize questions and surveys to help HTML
  • The preparation of the report, etc., loading and management of data used by you

System Requirements

  • PC running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later.
  • A modern web browser with JavaScript enabled.


Lighthouse Studio screenshot


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