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Schlumberger WellBook is a unique software for acidification of oil and gas wells. This software is used to simulate optimized matrix models. With this software you can perform your design and simulations with great precision. You can calculate the various elements such as the surface pressure applied to your model in your simulations. Thanks to this product, you will minimize the error rate when you use this software for your modeling.

Schlumberger WellBook software is also able to guide you through the pumping schedule. You can get the best out of this software by modeling the repositories and other relevant data. The workflow of this software is based on a general CT operation. But users can customize the workflow of this software, depending on their needs and customizations. The advanced technologies in making this software along with its tools have made this product a powerful application.

Another benefit of using this product is continuous and accurate workflow reports. The software is able to provide users with the most comprehensive and complete reports at the end of each operation. All of these capabilities have made engineers increasingly use this software day by day.

Features and Features of Schlumberger WellBook Software:

  • Very user-friendly interface along with excellent workflow
  • Design and simulation of high performance precision matrix models
  • Have the tools you need for accurate modeling and simulation
  • Ability to run CoilCADE and CoilCAT files and edit them
  • Ability to customize the performance settings of this software
  • Provide accurate reports of operations performed by you

System Requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Schlumberger WellBook screenshot


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