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DecisionTools Suite is software for decision management and risk analysis in work and operational projects developed by Palisade. No matter what industry you work in, this software helps you to make confident decisions. With DecisionTools Suite, you can assess and quantify project risk and optimize your decisions. It has tools for Excel and Microsoft Projects and allows you to do spreadsheet analysis.

DecisionTools Suite plays an important role in enhancing the quality of decision making in projects and helps teams think more clearly, act decisively, and make decisions easier. The software has various tools for Monte Carlo simulation, forecasting and statistical analysis, decision trees, predictable neural networks, advanced optimization, and information search and mental map. You can also use this software in financial and cash flow analysis, multistage decision modeling, resource optimization, and corporate risk management.

Features and Features of DecisionTools Suite:

  • Monte Carlo simulation with @RISK
  • Increase project decision quality with PrecisionTree decision trees
  • Sensitivity analysis with TopRank
  • Prediction and statistical analysis with StatTools
  • Predictable neural networks with NeuralTools
  • Advanced search and information search with Evolver
  • Monte Carlo simulation and optimization with RISKOptimizer
  • Financial analysis and cash flow
  • Multistage Decision Modeling
  • Resource Optimization and Risk Management
  • Synchronize with Excel and Microsoft Projects

System Requirements

Operating Systems

@RISK requires Windows 7 (SP1 or later), Windows 8, or Windows 10.

While there is no support for running on the native Macintosh OS, @RISK will run on a Windows environment hosted on the Mac. The following configurations are supported:

  • Windows 7 through Windows 10 running, using Boot Camp.
  • Windows 7 through Windows 10 emulation using Parallels, VirtualBox, or VMware.

UNIX operating systems are not supported.

Access Privileges

To install @RISK, full administrative rights as required. After installation, no special permissions are required to run the software.


An installed copy of Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 for Windows or Office 365 for Windows is required. Palisade add-ins will not run with earlier versions of Microsoft Excel.

@RISK is not compatible with non-Microsoft spreadsheet packages.

The software is compatible with the “On Premises” deployment option of Office 365. It is not compatible with the “Office on Demand” or “Office Web Apps” deployment options.

Visual C++ Runtime Files

Palisade add-ins require the Microsoft Visual C++ “Universal” Runtime. On a 64-bit machine, both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of this library are required. On a 32-bit machine, only the 32-bit version of this library is required. These will be installed automatically as part of the DTS installation if they are not found on the system.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1

Palisade software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. In Windows 7, the DecisionTools Suite installer will automatically install this component. In Windows 8 and Windows 10, the .NET Framework 4.0 is already installed as part of Windows. The .NET framework will be installed automatically as part of the DecisionTools Suite installation if it is not found on the system.


DecisionTools Suite screenshot

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  • Firefox 103 Firefox 103 Windows 10 Windows 10
    About: Palisade DecisionTools Suite Industrial 8.2.2

    For version 8.2.2 is the license time-limited?

      2022-08-16 3:07 pm
      Firefox 103 Firefox 103 Windows 10 Windows 10
      About: Palisade DecisionTools Suite Industrial 8.2.2


      • Firefox 103 Firefox 103 Windows 10 Windows 10
        About: Palisade DecisionTools Suite Industrial 8.2.2

        So just to confirm prior to purchasing 4 licenses (8 PCs), the licenses are permanent, correct?

        • DOWNLOADLY ‌
          2022-08-16 11:45 pm
          Firefox 103 Firefox 103 Windows 10 Windows 10
          About: Palisade DecisionTools Suite Industrial 8.2.2


  • chengyun1216
    2021-11-16 2:58 pm
    Google Chrome 79 Google Chrome 79 Windows 7 Windows 7
    About: Old Version

    When can the software be used? Is the date permanent or time limited?


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