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Visual Micro Arduino plugin Visual Studio to connect to boards Arduino and programmed them. آردیوینو batch of boards electronics smart complex, and are compressed by that company Arduino to facilitate the planning of microcontrollers to the market. The microcontroller chip is intelligent, like computer RAM, processor and ports input and output, and … is planning to be able to do things different is. Traditional methods and old planning میکروها to this case is that after selecting micro desired must be through پروگرمر and filters, serial-to-PC connected and after planning in the orbit of the desired installed and ready to be used.This requires conflict much with the hardware, and of course coding more difficult is that people may be free to start working with میکروها in trouble are.

Arduino has come to make this process easier. Boards Arduino within a پروگرمر have a USB port as well as for planning and connecting the range there, the only thing you need to do this is through the usb port., the range connected to the computer, and get your desired app in its fold. After planning, range, etc. automatically according to the program that there are your work will do. Boards Arduino applications are different, and with the connection of sensors of different inputs, and also the module control to the output, it can be many projects such as : irrigation, smart, smart home, etc. face recognition, robots, Bird, and … do).

Other characteristics of the …

The programming language used آردیونو on the base of the tongue Wiring and Environment Code, it is also based on Processing industry. The interesting thing in programming micros آردیونو is that here, unlike in the past that must be with assembly language and C and the coding level down to the base of the micro amounts of send you. you with an operating system interface that is your آردیونو inside this میکروها located, and have and with language more simple and a wide range of library powerful can much faster and more flexible your desired app within the میکروها put. Visual Micro Arduino id official of the company in the form of plastic to Visual Studio, adding, and users will be able to the meantime, the programming circuits آردیونو of the benefits of unparalleled development environment, Visual Studio also benefit.

System requirements

Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017


Visual Micro Arduino for Visual Studio

Installation Guide:

This is precracked version

Download link

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022

Download Visual Micro Studio v2021.1108.2213 for VS2017,2019 and VS2022

Download Visual Micro Studio v2021.1108.1913 for VS2017,2019 and VS2022

Download Visual Micro 2021.606.17 for VS 2017 – 2019 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino)

Download Visual Micro for VS 2017 – 2019 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino)

Download Visual Micro 2020.708.7 for VS 2017 – 2019 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino)

Download Visual Micro (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) for VS 2017-2019

Download Visual Micro (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) 2020.318.1 for VS 2017-2019

Download Visual Micro (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) 1912.28.2 for VS 2017-2019

Download Visual Micro 1902.17 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) for VS 2012-2019

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  • Firefox 78 Firefox 78 Windows 7 Windows 7
    About: Old Version

    The version doesn’t work for me in VS 2019 16.9.2 and Win7.
    The older version does.
    But there is an update:


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