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GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub , is the name of the video engineering suite in the GitHub category. The course will take you through the introductory level and step by step training you. You will know at the beginning of each session an introduction to the topic that will help you learn. You\’ll also be able to set up, learn to control Git resources, everything about GitHub by viewing and learning the tutorials provided in this video course. Eventually you will become a GitHub expert by watching this course carefully.

You will not need special experience to attend this course and will only need basic computer skills. You will also gain a very detailed understanding of working with Git and GitHub by completing this video course. It should also be noted that you respected students will have 151 training sessions ahead of you to watch the full training sessions.

GitHub Ultimate Course Features: Master Git and GitHub:

  • Git and GitHub software engineering skills training
  • Learn the key concepts of the GIT Resource Control System
  • Learn the basics of Git workflow and become an expert at the end of the course
  • Learn the knowledge of comparing different values ​​in Git
  • Learn how to manage and control files inside and outside Git and GitHub
  • Learn how to create and manage repositories on GitHub
  • And…

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Lecturer: Jason Taylor
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 06:25:50
  • Number of lessons: 151 lessons
  • English language

GitHub Ultimate course titles: Master Git and GitHub

Course content
151 lectures 06:25:50

3 lectures 06:46

Core Concepts
5 lectures 05:22

Quick Installations
5 lectures 22:44

The Basics
14 lectures 31:59

Advanced: Beyond the Basics
9 lectures 25:57

Welcome to GitHub
8 lectures 15:08

SSH Authentication
4 lectures 07:28

GitHub Repository
18 lectures 37:26

GitHub Repository Branches
11 lectures 40:29

GitHub Tags and Releases
9 lectures 24:54

Comparing Differences
5 lectures 08:30

Social Coding
9 lectures 27:49

GitHub Issues
8 lectures 16:33

GitHub Gists
5 lectures 08:09

GitHub Organizations
12 lectures 33:36

1 lecture 02:26

Bonus: Background and Extra Content
4 lectures 06:23

Bonus: Full Windows Installation
9 lectures 34:19

Bonus: Full Mac OS X Installation
11 lectures 25:31

Special Offers
1 lecture 06:24


Basic computer skills
Ability to install software on your computer
Admin rights may be required for software installation

GitHub Ultimate Images: Master Git and GitHub

GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub - Beginner to Expert

GitHub Ultimate Sample Video: Master Git and GitHub

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English subtitle

Quality: 720p


Version 2019/3 added 2 lessons and 10 minutes compared to 2017/8.

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