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Revit Structure 2018 from Zero to Hero is a training course from the Udemy website that introduces you to Revit Structure software and its various features. Revit Structure is a professional software from Atodsk that is used to design and draw complex structures. In this course, you will learn how to build structural models using foundations, columns, beams, beams, and floors. The course instructor will show you how to prepare models for structural analysis software and how to define the load.

During this training you will learn how to annotate, label, and describe models and learn how to make and print sheets. You\’ll also learn about other advanced topics like building applications, how to import CAD files, linking Revit files, and family building, and at the end of the course how to work with trusses, bracing, steel attachments, and concrete reinforcement. You learn completely.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Making structural models
  • Full introduction to Revit Structure software
  • Teaching simple to advanced features of building design modeling
  • Design and drawing of complex structures
  • Import CAD files
  • Work with truss, bracket, steel joint, and concrete reinforcement

Revit Structure 2018 course specifications from Zero to Hero:

  • English language
  • Duration: 7 hours 38 minutes
  • Number of courses: 39
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Munir Hamad
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

39 lectures 07:38:33

2 lectures 13:17

Introduction to Revit
2 lectures 28:06

How to draw and modify in Revit
2 lectures 27:53

Project Preparation
1 lecture 16:32

Columns Structure
1 lecture 17:15

Walls Structure
3 lectures 17:16

3 lectures 23:36

Beams and Beam Systems
1 lecture 12:39

Floors Structure
1 lecture 14:48

Creating and Manipulating Views
2 lectures 29:35

Anlaysis Structure
1 lecture 21:59

Annotation and Legends
2 lectures 18:44

Creating Sheets and Printing
1 lecture 10:21

Tagging and Detailing
2 lectures 28:07

Creating Schedules
3 lectures 34:17

CAD Import and Revit Link
2 lectures 23:55

Creating Structural Families
3 lectures 25:35

Truss, Bracing, and Steel Connection
3 lectures 20:09

Reinforcement Structure
3 lectures 55:46

1 lecture 18:43

Course prerequisites

  • You should be studying / studying Structural Analysis and Design
  • You should know how to use computer running Windows


Revit Structure 2018 from Zero to Hero

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