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Network Hacking Continued Intermediate to Advanced Training Video advanced techniques to hack into wifi networks and write a python script to run the attacks customized MITM site Udemy is. This is an advanced course that any attack to the components, the smaller the split, and we understand how each of these components work. So at the end of the course you will be able These attacks to mix and attacks will help you learn to different situations and various scenarios to meet you.

Features course Network Hacking Continued Intermediate to Advanced :

  • Understand how WPA / WPA2 works.
  • Discover the network and connect to them
  • Bypass HTTPS and getting the data manually
  • Steal a WPA / WPA2 using attack evil twin
  • Cut off the connection, people connected to the WiFi without having the key
  • 50 video exact in the case of attacks feasible against Wi-Fi
  • Create a Trojan with the composition of different files such as photos and PDF
  • Create SSL certificate and use it to support HTTPS in apache2
  • Exploit out the WPS on most routers to get password WPA / WPA2 WPS
  • Use the word list to crack the WPA / WPA2 without taking up disk space

Profile of course

  • Time : 10:00:49
  • Language : English
  • Number of courses: 83
  • Video format : AVC 1280×720
  • Sound : AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Instructor : Jennifer Sabih, z Security

In this course, Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

Course content
83 lectures 10:00:49

2 lectures 12:05

Back To Basics/Pre-Connection Attacks
6 lectures 32:49

Gaining Access
6 lectures 37:20

Gaining Access – Captive Portals
13 lectures 01:43:50

Gaining Access – WPA & WPA2 Cracking – Exploiting the WPS
5 lectures 32:33

Gaining Access – WPA & WPA2 Cracking – Advanced Wordlist Attack
6 lectures 46:59

Gaining Access – WPA & WPA2 Cracking – Evil Twin Attack
4 lectures 36:29

Gaining Access – WPA & WPA2 Cracking – WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
5 lectures 31:59

Post Connection Attacks
7 lectures 55:46

Post Connection Attacks – Analysing Data Flows & Running Custom Attacks
10 lectures 01:07:41

Post Connection Attacks – Writing Custom Scripts To Execute Own Attacks
14 lectures 01:57:38

Post-Connection Attacks – Doing All Of The Above On HTTPS Websites
4 lectures 23:19

Bonus Section
1 lecture 02:20


  • Wireless adapter (for the wifi cracking section ONLY) – like ALFA AWUS036NHA, Or anything with an Atheros chipset (more info provided in the course).
  • Finished the networks section of my general ethical hacking course OR
  • Finished my network hacking course.

Pictures Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

Network Hacking Continued - Intermediate to Advanced

Sample movie

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2019/9 compared to 2018/7 about 36 Mb increase the volume of have been. Information on other changes is not available.

Version 2020/1 compared to 2019/9 a few seconds in the season finale, increased.

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