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The Complete Web Developer Course course of the complete training of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL , which teaches you how in the quickest possible time Types the web app upload, etc. websites and … own. Does not require pre-with such languages familiarity in mind, because training the program is quite basic, and stepping into the stairwell. For display and operation, educational videos, etc. need to Mac or PC you have. No need to purchased software doesn\’t, and all the programs used in the course, in a free form available to the public are located. 25,000 people to the software Points perfect to have. This period, a total of 30 hours can be and over all it will be able to with the database work and a variety of the web app, the desired create your own.

The content of the training course The Complete Web Developer Course :

  • Training work with the language javascript to build a website or web rather than have themselves introduced, the
  • Check the CMSs different, especially WordPress
  • Build file, etc. on the system to form the free
  • The construction of more than 14 type of Website different
  • Language learning CSS3 to design and develop the website responsive and response-oriented
  • Learning to work with Bootstrap to design websites modern
  • Language learning HTML5 for individuals, amateur

Profile course The Complete Web Developer Course :

Language: English

Duration Time: 30:38:19

Number of lectures: 308 PCs

Instructor: Rob Percival, Codestars by Rob Percival

Format files: MP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch

Playback in: Windows, Mobile, TV

The full list of headings and titles, training

Course content
308 lectures 30:38:19

Getting Started
6 lectures 17:10

39 lectures 02:09:26

39 lectures 03:45:55

36 lectures 02:42:02

32 lectures 03:23:55

Bootstrap 4
20 lectures 02:15:18

10 lectures 01:00:23

28 lectures 02:35:54

23 lectures 02:52:08

16 lectures 01:38:37

Mobile Apps
12 lectures 01:53:54

HTML 5 & CSS 3 Special Features
24 lectures 02:11:18

16 lectures 01:29:02

Bonus Section: Twitter Clone Using MVC
6 lectures 02:22:36

Where do you go from here?
1 lecture 00:40


  • No pre-knowledge is required – enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required
  • No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course is free)

Images The Complete Web Developer Course

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Sample movie

Installation guide

After the Extract with the Player your custom view.

Subtitles: English

Quality: 1080p


Version 2018/11 compared to the 2017/12 number of 2 lessons and about 15 minutes and 2 GB of increase.

Version 2019/6 compared to 2018/11 number of 2 lessons increased.

Version 2019/8 compared to 2019/6 about 50 MB increase in size is. The number of courses remained unchanged is. Time exactly is not clear.

Version 2020/5 compared to 2019/8 changes in time, the headings have the quality from 720 to 1080 has been changed.

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Download Part 6 – 1.73 MB

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16.7 GB

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