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PiXYZ Software is the name of a specialized software package. This software suite is referred to as a leading tool in the preparation, optimization and automation of CAD Big Data automation. You will experience a new experience with this software package. The CAD data you need is available in this software suite. With this tool, you will be able to perform your visualization in the best possible way and examine its performance. The advantages and disadvantages of working with this time-saving software package are. You\’ll get things done faster than ever with the solutions in this set.

The PiXYZ Software suite is able to provide you with the best solutions available to optimize 3D data. The overall performance of this software suite is that you will hand over your raw CAD / 3D model to optimize the data first. You will then proceed with the dedicated deployment tool and in the final step you will be able to display your prepared file on various devices.

Features and Features of PiXYZ Software

  • It enables you to optimize very large data sets
  • All 3D data including CAD DATA, POLYGON MODEL and METADATA are available
  • Ability to identify the needs of your projects and optimize them
  • High quality along with low memory usage of your computer
  • Compatible with CAD files in an efficient way
  • Convert TESSELLATE CAD models to 3D mesh with powerful algorithms
  • Benefit from SCRIPTING EDITOR with the ability to create and save process
  • Manage your work experience allowing you to return to any step at any time
  • And…

Software and tools available at PiXYZ Software:

  • PiXYZ Software PiXYZ Studio Batch
  • PiXYZ Software PiXYZ Review
  • PiXYZ Software PiXYZ Plugin for Unreal

required system  

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Recommended Hardware

Processor: 86 DUAL-CORE 2GHZ

Memory: 4GB

Disk space: 200MB



PiXYZ Software Pack

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download PiXYZ Studio Batch 2019.2.0.57_x64

Download PiXYZ Review 2019.2.0.57 x64

Download PiXYZ Plugin for Unity 2018.2.0.33 x64

Download PiXYZ Plugin for Unreal 2018.2.0.30

File password (s):


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