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The Basic4android or B4A alias is the simplest, yet most powerful Rapid Application Development environment, or RAD alias, for developing and developing Android software. This small app includes most of the tools and features needed to design and build the best of Android software, and it is capable of compiling all kinds of Android platform applications without dependency or extra time.

Basic4android Features and Features :

– Complete IDE development platform and 100% focused on Android platform

– Design of attractive and advanced user interface types

– Function similar to the program written with Java

– Object-oriented programming capability

– No need for XML programming

– Fast and accurate troubleshooting

– Extensible extensibility with support for custom Java libraries

– Enjoy WYSIWYG visual or visual editor

– Supports all Android OS features and features such as NFC database, GPS, SQL, Bluetooth, Call related sections such as SMS, Contacts, Contact list, etc, USB and MTP ports, Camera, Office document formats, Live wallpapers and widgets Or widgets, movie playback and recording, all kinds of network protocols, different sensors and more

– Supports all phones with Android 1.6 and up


Basic4android app tips :

– This version is fully flawed and installed and tested by Download.

– The Retail version is a purchased one and differs from the Trial version available at the manufacturer\’s site.

– Additional programs and tools, libraries, as well as program guides and tutorials are provided separately.

– Here\’s a look at how to install this tool.

required system

Android 1.6 or higher


B4A 9.8 screenshot

Installation guide

Once installed, copy and paste the contents of the Crack folder into the program installation location. Enter the desired email after you run the email registry if needed.

The latest version was installed on February 10, 98 in Windows 10 with 64-bit editing and – as illustrated – successfully activated.

The software became free in early February 2020 and does not require activation.

download link

Download B4A 9.80 Retail

Download B4A 9.80 Retail

Download B4A 8.80 Retail

Download Firebase UI Auth – B4A Library

Download B4A Library January 2018 + Additional Programs + User Guides

Download B4A Libraries December 2017

Download Libraries Updated to April 2017 (B4A Libraries, March 2017 Update)

Download additional tools and programs

Download guide with related source code

File password (s):


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