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LINQPad in environmental, interactive, possibility of getting jQuery from database with the use of the language jQuery, a new JavaScript context. Other environment SQL Management Studio say goodbye to.

Also, this app is a great way to learn LINQ (stands for Language Integrated Query) is: having 500 examples from the book C# 5.0 in a Nutshell . In the presence of LINQPad, etc. a better way to experience the merits of LINQ and programming the function is not there.
JQuery get only a special mode, the use of LINQPad is. To be more general, this software is a draft for a #, C#/VB/F is that each phrase runs. All the hundreds of console Project, Visual Studio and folders UAE and پرهم your project aside and to collect, code, programmers, etc. testers, and developers to increase the link pad, join. Packages assemblies and NuGet will put the … with the language of the NET. Of interest and with the possibility of complete automatic continuation Code, program type and environment dynamic development of the magical experience.

LINQPad of all the possibilities C# 5.0 and Framework 4.x uses:

LINQ to Objects
LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework
Parallel LINQ
OData / WCF Data Services, SharePoint, and Windows DataMarket
Microsoft\’s ubercool Reactive Extensions

It also supports special cases like:

SQL Azure, SQL Table Storage, Oracle, SQLite and MySQL
Microsoft StreamInsight
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Third-party Michael including Mindscape LightSpeed DevArt\’s LinqConnect, LLBLGen, DevExpress eXpress Persistent Objects and DevForce
old-fashioned SQL

Tips :

– Except for the Free Edition, etc. program in the two Edit Pro and Premium provided that the crack provided., the program will become the most complete version of the premium works.

– Version compatible with NET Framework 3.5. From here can be downloaded.

System requirements

LINQPad requires .NET Framework 4.0/4.5

If you have Visual Studio or Visual C# Express, the .NET Framework will already be installed


LINQPad screenshot

Installation guide

In the Readme file included in the folder Crack is given.

Download link

Download LINQPad 6.11.11 Premium

Download LINQPad 5.43.00 Premium

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File size

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