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There are several components for .NET logging in and one of the best that fully supports Persian language, components Stimulsoft Company has all the tools needed for Windows-based reporting as well as on the web. Stimulsoft Reports is the set of all components of the company.

Different parts of the series Stimulsoft Reports  :

WinForms Report Viewers / Report Designers

WPF Report Viewers / Report Designers

Silverlight Report Viewers / Report Designers / Report Engines

WinRT Report Viewers / Report Designers / Report Engines

ASP.NET HTML5 Report Viewers / Report Designers

ASP.NET HTML Report Viewers

ASP.NET Flash Report Viewers / Report Designers

ASP.NET Silverlight Report Viewers / Report Designers

MVC HTML5 Report Viewers / Report Designers

MVC HTML Report Viewers

MVC Flash Report Viewers / Report Designers

Dot-Matrix Report Viewers

Standalone Report Designers

NET Report Engines.

Features and characteristics of the components of the series  :

– flexible and convenient user interface

– Full support of the Persian language in the menus and data

– supports a variety of databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, etc.

– Khrvjygrftn of information in different formats

– compatibility with the latest versions of Visual Studio

System Requirements

Operating System for Deployment

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Compatible Containers

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2013

NET Framework 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0.

Silverlight 4/5


Download Links

Stimulsoft Reports


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Download Stimulsoft Reports AIO 2020.2.3

Download Stimulsoft Reports AIO 2020.2.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports AIO 2019.4.2

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2019.3.4

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2019.2.3

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2019.1.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.3.5

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.3.3

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Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.3.2

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.2.3

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Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.2.2

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.1.8 Fixed JS Report

Download Stimulsoft Reports_2018.1.7


Download Stimulsoft Reports_2017.2.4

Download stimulsoft Reports_.NET 2017.1.11

Download Stimulsoft Report_.JS 2017.1.11


Download Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2016.3

Download Stimulsoft Reports_.Net 2015.3 Retail

Stimulsoft Reports Server


Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2020.2.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2019.3.5

Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2019.3.1

Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2019.2.1


Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2018.3.5

Download Stimulsoft Reports_Server 2018.3.3

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