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Learn how to build Amazon website, name of the training video series in the field of programming and web development and in the field of web design can be. In fact, you watch this course, a web store such as Amazon, from the beginning of programming, you\\\’ll. You also with all sorts of design tools website will be familiar. By watching the training this period can you help Vue.js etc. Nuxt.js etc. Node.js and … MongoDB, etc. Stripe, etc. Algolia and AWS website variety of ways to develop. Course, you as a period of comprehensive training, the design of the site considered.

Course, you also all the content and concepts, step by step, at your disposal puts. You learn the frameworks available for the Java programming language the script is actually to become a professional programmer ready, you will. Also, the techniques and skills applied and of course, you need a lot in this course you will be taught. This course for newbie programmers and also software engineers, and enthusiasts to design the website professionally designed and published is.

Cases in which the course is taught :

  • Learn how to programming the web store such as Amazon
  • Learning and understanding the basics of Vue.js in programming and site development
  • Learn how to use the necessary information in the field of database in MongoDB
  • Learning the concept of Redis and get familiar with how to quickly access data
  • The acquisition of sufficient proficiency in the use of the framework, a familiar name in Java Script
  • And…

Profile, courses, Learn how to build Amazon website

  • Language : English
  • Time : 09h 36m
  • Number of lessons: 103
  • Instructor : Naufal Yahaya
  • File format : mp4

This course Learn how to build Amazon website

Learn how to build Amazon website using Vue.js and Node.js

Ago Need period Learn how to build Amazon website

  • Basic Programming
  • Javascript Basics
  • HTML & CSS


Learn how to build Amazon website using Vue.js and Node.js

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Version 2020/1 compared to 2019/12 change in the number of courses and time does not show. Due to the reduced volume of the new version of the previous version removed.

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