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PHA-Pro is the most well-known and largest PHA and HAZOP tool that helps organizations conduct risk studies easily and thoroughly. With this tool you can improve your important factors by optimizing expert time, minimizing downtime and reducing the potential for adverse events. PHA-Pro offers a user-friendly, flexible and knowledge-based solution that has evolved over the past decade through the widespread commercial use of responsiveness to many of the world\\\’s largest companies.

PHA-Pro provides capabilities that are built for the purpose. The software supports one to many relationships so you can easily create different outcomes for each cause or quickly drag elements and all related information from one node to another.


Build on previous evaluations to avoid wasting time and resources, maintaining valuable corporate knowledge and intellectual property, including past events.


Perform risk studies easily and thoroughly, leading to a more efficient and responsive process.


Customize pre-formatted standard PHA templates and apply numerous process-specific features to increase consistency in evaluations.

Features and Features of PHA-Pro Software:

  • Advanced Release Management
  • Dynamic Linking of Charts to Worksheets
  • Advanced AutoType and copy features
  • Full support such as right-to-left multilingual data entry (RTL)
  • Professional exportable reports in HTML, MS Word, MS Excel
  • Comprehensive knowledge libraries to reduce study time and take advantage of best practices

System Requirements PHA-Pro

Windows 7/8 / 8.1


PHA-Pro screenshot

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Price of v8.5.1.0 is 28 Euro (2 Users); submit a ticket for other pay methods
This version is for 2015 and in some cases is incompatible with newer versions of Windows; this version is available due to a lack of access to the newer version of the installer file.

Only ask any questions or problems through the Contact Us section.

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