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Hydromantis provides state-of-the-art modeling services for water treatment plant design and performance appraisal and planning for further improvements. Owners of water purification centers can use this program to design this very important and valuable procedure. The program provides methods, solutions and technologies based on existing improvements and existing standards for water treatment. Hydromantis Complex, with its highly professional tools embedded in it, has provided measurable results to numerous companies and factories around the world, resulting in an estimated savings of millions of dollars in the water treatment process at the centers. Water purification.

GPS-X software efficiently designs and evaluates the production of aqueous waste production. In fact, it is a simulator of water purification and improved applications.

The CapdetWork program is used to reliably design and evaluate the performance of a water treatment plant. In fact, it examines the capacities and costs and compares them with the lifecycle of other alternatives.

Features and Features of Hydromantis Collection:

  • Simple user interface
  • Use Rich House Book
  • Take advantage of new improvements at the center
  • There are libraries for water resources management

required system

GPS-X / SimuWorks
Windows 10 / Server 2016 / Server 2019 (64 bit)
3 GHz processor
8 GB of RAM
2 GB of free disk space

Toxchem / CapdetWorks / WatPro
Windows 8/10 / Server 2016
4 GB of RAM
500MB of free disk space


Hydromantis CapdetWorks

Installation guide

Install the program as a demo and after installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the location provided in the Readme file.

download link

Download Hydromantis GPS-X 8.0.1

Download Hydromantis Toxchem 4.3.6

Download Hydromantis CapdetWorks 4.0

Download Hydromantis WatPro 4.0

File password (s):


190 MB

334 MB

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