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Sparx Enterprise Architect software for UML diagrams design software for the manufacturing process and the development of appropriate software. The software comes with support for UML 2.1 and Visual Business-friendly user interface and ultra-high performance, the implementation of process modeling in software engineering helps.

The software code reverse engineering and source code using common languages ​​such as Visual Basic, VB.NET, Delphi, Java, C #, C ++, PHP for the current program also supports the development of a prototype. Support for CORBA and Hmpnyn Python, with code editor makes it possible to solidify (integration) with a variety of programming environments (IDE), enabling simultaneous survey of codes and models in an environment, speed of operation, design and coding it raises the switch between design and coding prevents environments.

Sparx Enterprise Architect with software engineering process designed ICONIX. But not affiliated to any particular process. And you can customize by adding your existing process and the process is added to your own or without the guidance of a software engineering process documentation and diagrams of the powerful use only.

Facilities and Features Enterprise Architect Sparx :

  • Compatibility with MS Word
  • Allowing the database schema
  • High speed
  • With Spell Checker
  • Enter a binary code of Java and .NET
  • XSD code allows image and WXSD
  • Code reverse engineering support for programming in more than 10 languages
  • Multi-user
  • MDA conversion
  • Testing, tracking and maintenance
  • Ability to Import and extract XML 2.1
  • Data modeling, database engineering
  • HTML and RTF formats report
  • Support for UML 2.3 standard
  • The interface is simple and Niels to education
  • Developed UML
  • Ability to add attachments required designed model
  • Dynamic Logical and Physical model and

required system

: Operating Systems

Windows XP Professional

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

: Recommended Hardware

Intel® Pentium® processor (or better)

128 MB of RAM (256 MB or higher recommended)

300 MB of available hard-disk space


Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Installation guide

Krkshdh this release and does not activate.

download link

Download Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 15.2 Build 1554

Download Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 13.5.1351 Ultimate Edition

Download Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 13.0.1310 Corporate Edition

Download Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 13.1310 Corporate Edition Portable

Download Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 12.1.1230

Password file (s):


231 MB

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