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Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – Indepth & Sample Project is the name of a course from Udemy that provides you with Asp.Net MVC 5 Framework, Asp.Net Core Mvc Framework, Repository Pattern Template, Entity Framework, ASP System Learns about .NET Identity, and Web Api, and teaches you how to code and build an ASP.NET application project. In this course, you are not using any ready-made templates, but you are coding the whole project from scratch with the instructor\’s guidance.

All topics in this course are explained in theory and practice and all sections of the program are written by you. The tutor teaches how to validate with Asp .Net Identity, explains how to run the application database with SQL Server, and introduces you to Bootstrap and executing all the content in a dedicated project. During this period you will work on developing a product management software and will be able to build categories, brands, and products through the REST API.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Full introduction to MVC architecture
  • Asp .Net Mvc Framework Training
  • Finding and Solving Asp .Net Mvc Software Problems
  • Secure Angular Applications with Asp .Net Identity
  • Work with AJAX Server and build RESTful services
  • Creating Applications with Asp .Net Mvc 5

Asp.Net MVC 5 course specifications – Ultimate Guide – Indepth & Sample Project:

  • English language
  • Duration: 18 hours and 19 minutes
  • Number of courses: 204
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Tutor: Harsha Vardhan
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

204 lectures 18:19:09

Introduction & Basics of Asp.Net Mvc
4 lectures 23:07

[Optional] Additional Basics of Asp.Net Mvc
6 lectures 16:12

Getting Started [Practical Starts Here]
2 lectures 22:16

5 lectures 26:32

Razor View Engine
6 lectures 15:40

3 lectures 25:42

Shared Views
2 lectures 07:21

Layout Views & Partial Views
7 lectures 34:28

Convention Routing URL
6 lectures 30:58

Attribute Routing
2 lectures 09:38

Models & Strongly Typed Views
4 lectures 17:24

Model Binding
4 lectures 18:41

Entity Framework Db-First Approach
15 lectures 01:31:21

EF Code-First Approach
6 lectures 22:44

HTML Helpers
3 lectures 18:08

6 lectures 15:54

Asp.Net Identity
11 lectures 49:11

8 lectures 27:25

Built-in Filters
5 lectures 11:13

1 lecture 06:13

Exception Handling in MVC
4 lectures 08:12

Service Pattern & Repository Pattern
4 lectures 22:34

State Management
4 lectures 13:20

8 lectures 56:21

Performance Optimization
1 lecture 10:49

Sample Project – StackOverflow Clone
70 lectures 07:16:09

Bonus: Asp.Net Core Mvc Basics
5 lectures 01:00:05

2 lectures 01:32

Course prerequisites

  • Good enough at C # .NET OOP concepts such as Classes, Objects, Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Bootstrap knowledge is required to understand the UI part of this course
  • Basic knowledge of design patterns


Asp.Net MVC 5 - Ultimate Guide - Indepth & Sample Project

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