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FloEFD software for the analysis of three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics is that for the system, the MCAD is important, such as Creo, CATIA V5, Siemens NX, and no more spending half built. This app well with the environments Autodesk inventor and solid edge integrate it and use it very convenient. FloEFD is the only software of CFD is well with the environments CAD is compatible … the program to engineers, designer, help the analysis of CFD to concurrently and through the mediating familiar MCAD do.

CFD simultaneously, in analogy with the mobile common methods reduces the 65 to 75 percent of the time simulation is. Using this method, productivity and reliability of the product, the optimal is at the same time that the sample storage, physical and development costs decline it. CFD time steps, the conceptual design of the product to prototyping physical along you will be, and can be quickly learned and use it. FloEFD all circulation complex tasks and meshes overhead in software CFD the old removed and new solution and attractive at the disposal of the engineers put.

Features and technical software FloEFD :

  • Integration with systems CAD for simulation, simultaneous
  • Has the features, competitive analysis, heat transfer
  • Models engineering, such as porous media, PCB and LED
  • Module cooling for electronic modeling of the exact models of electronic
  • Module HVAC for modeling the detailed plans, HVAC contains the parameters of the simple
  • Lattice auto-Cartesian
  • A module for modeling advanced processes such as combustion and streams of supersonic
  • LED modules for modeling more LEDs and the size of the light sources with the use of thermal modeling of LED and also model radiant Monte Carlo
  • Increase 75% and cycle simulation of the product with the use of CFD simultaneously

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise 64-bit edition, Windows 8 Pro or Enterprise 64-bit, Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 64-bit
For solver: Microsoft Windows 2012 Server x64, Windows 2012 Server R2 x64, Linux, RHEL 6.6, RHEL 7.3, Windows Server 2008 R2 with HPC Pack 2008 R2, Linux, SUSE SLES 11 SP3 SUSE SLES 12 SP0
Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007
Ethernet network adapter
Mouse or other pointing device
4 GB RAM minimum, more recommended
1 GB of free hard disk space, more required for simulation models
For CAD dependent installers, the pre-installed 64-bit versions are:

for CATIA V5

CATIA V5 R19 (recommended SP9)
CATIA V5 R20 (recommended SP7)
CATIA V5 R21 (recommended SP6)
CATIA V5-6 2012 (R22) (recommended SP6)
CATIA V5-6 2013 (R23) (recommended SP6)
CATIA V5-6 2014 (R24) (recommended SP7)
CATIA V5-6 2015 (R25) (recommended SP6)
CATIA V5-6 2016 (R26) (recommended SP6)
CATIA V5-6 2017 (R27) (recommended SP4)
CATIA V5-6 2018 (R28) (recommended SP0)

for CREO Parametric

Creo Parametric v2.0 (recommended datecode M250)
Сreo Parametric v3.0 (recommended datecode M160)
Creo Parametric v4.0 (recommended datcode M070)
Creo Parametric v5.0 (recommended datcode v5.0.2.0)

Creo Parametric v6.0 NOT Supported!

for Siemens NX

Siemens NX 1847 Series (1847-1867)
Siemens NX 12.0.0, 12.0.1, 12.0.2
Siemens NX 11.0.0, 11.0.1, 11.0.2
Siemens NX 10.0.0, 10.0.2, 10.0.3
Siemens NX 9.0.1, 9.0.2, 9.0.3
Siemens NX 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.5.3

for Siemens Solid Edge

Solid Edge ST10
Solid Edge 2019


FloEFD screenshot

Download Links

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2205.0.0 v5731 for Siemens NX-Simcenter 3D x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2022.1.0 v5572 for Siemens NX-Simcenter 3D x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2022.1.0 v5572 for Solid Edge x64

Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2021.2.1 v5446 Standalone x64

Download Part 1 – 2 GB

Download Part 2 – 2 GB

Download Part 3 – 1.94 GB

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2021.2.1 v5446 for Siemens NX x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2021.2.1 v5446 for Creo x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2021.2.1 v5446 for CATIA V5 x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2021.2.1 v5446 for Simcenter3D x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2021.2.1 v5446 for Solid Edge x64

Download Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2020.2.2 v5244 for Siemens NX x64

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File size

5.94 GB

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