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Data Structures & Algorithms, Part 1 , name of the training set and in the field of data structure and algorithm, and increase problem solving skills can be. This course, in fact, for those interested in computer science is going to have a science data structure and algorithms learn well and design is published. Programmers and development دهندگانی that to data structure and algorithm are fluent, etc. in solving the problems of other developers, the better the act. Hence, learning data structure and algorithm developers and programmers, allows to enter a new level of your work are.

You will also in this course, concepts and skills as academic learn. In fact, you watch the training, this course will be able to participate in the test, the job’ll be. Problem-solving skills you in this course to dramatically increase. In this course you will as well learn how to contribute data and algorithms available to solve the problems of, and objections to pay. The course video also for programmers and development دهندگانی that is tutorial programming Your have learned also be appropriate.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Provide training, step by step to learn better students
  • Increase your skills in a faster and better writing programming code
  • Become a developer better by learning problem-solving skills
  • Learn and be familiar enough with the principles of the master of Science in Computer Science
  • Learn how to implement all the data structures the main surface of the base and the first
  • And…

Profile of the course Data Structures & Algorithms, Part 1 :

  • Publisher: Code with Mosh
  • Instructor: Mosh Hamedani
  • Level: introductory to moderate
  • Duration Time: 4.5 hours
  • Number of lessons: 120
  • Language: English

This course will Data Structures & Algorithms, Part 1

Getting Started
2 lectures

The Big O Notation
9 lectures

11 lectures

Linked Lists
21 lectures

14 lectures

16 lectures

Hash Tables
22 lectures

Prerequisite course Data Structures & Algorithms, Part 1

You don’t need any experience with data structures or algorithms.


Data Structures & Algorithms Part 1


Subtitles: English (some lessons by the instructor is not provided)

Quality: 1080p


Price is 5 Euro; for other pay methods submit a ticket

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