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Web Server IIS Mastery Course is the name of the IIS video and software training suite and IIS web server. In fact, by watching this course you will fully learn how to configure and configure IIS Web Server under Windows Server. This course will teach you all the essentials from the basic level. By installing and deploying IIS web server you can host your own websites on your own servers. The course ahead will be considered as a comprehensive course.

Topics covered include introduction and installation, adding a website to an installed web server, configuring and managing a web server, authentication, SSL encryption, URL rewriting module, optimizing web server performance, IIS security, and other topics such as virtual directories, Access to FTP is powered by Shell. The course materials are all in a way that you can easily understand as a student.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn how to install and configure IIS web servers on different operating systems
  • Full knowledge of how to add and manage websites installed on the web server
  • Learn about SSL and learn how to create a certificate for your website
  • IIS web server optimization to improve performance and performance for better results
  • Learn about IIS web server security concepts and improve your information security
  • Introduction to the concept of URL overwriting with a few practical examples
  • And…

Course specification Web Server IIS Mastery Course

  • English language
  • Duration: 04:42:17
  • Number of courses: 85
  • Instructor: Hasan Aboul Hasan
  • File format: mp4

Web Server IIS Mastery Course Courses

Course content
85 lectures 04:42:17

Basic introduction and installation
10 lectures 18:36

Creating your first websites
3 lectures 15:35

Application pools
12 lectures 33:52

6 lectures 21:34

SSL encryption (HTTPS protocol)
6 lectures 20:49

URL Rewrite module
6 lectures 13:53

IIS monitoring
4 lectures 18:53

IIS Performance Optimization Tips
7 lectures 13:43

IIS Security Tips
7 lectures 20:56

Other topics
5 lectures 16:53

Application initialization
4 lectures 12:33

IIS architecture
2 lectures 04:49

IIS High Availability
6 lectures 45:42

Real case scenarios
1 lecture 23:15

Your Questions
5 lectures 1:16

1 lecture 00:04

Requirements Web Server IIS Mastery Course

  • know basically what and how to use Windows Server
  • Windows PC
  • Internet connection
  • Basic Knowledge About Active Directory Domain Services
  • Basic Knowledge about “how the Internet Works”


Web Server IIS Mastery Course

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