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Programming in Blazor – ASP.NET Core 3.1 name of a course from the website Udemy is that you will Blazor familiar and does not show how, without the need for coding language, JavaScript, and, just with the #C language start making web apps, please. Blazor is a framework free and open source making Microsoft that allows developers to use the #C language and HTML start to making the software dynamic for the web to.

In this course, you are fully Blazor are familiar and learn how web-based software build. We are in the course content from basic level to advanced, we learn and start to build the forms, etc. component data. Entity Data. relations, and account system can be. We ASP.NET Core 3.1 for the preparation of the project Blazor we use and the Entity Framework Core 3.1 for the construction of the database can be used. In this course we use Azure to publish your app we use.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Making the application web with the Blazor and C #
  • The use of Azure DevOps for software release Blazor
  • Build a database using Entity Framework Core 3.1
  • Making the system user

Specification course Programming in Blazor – ASP.NET Core 3.1 :

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time : 15h 48m
  • Number of courses: 137
  • Training level : Intermediate
  • Instructor : Felipe Gavilán
  • File format : mp4

This course

Programming in Blazor - ASP.NET Core 3.2

Prerequisite course

  • C# Fundamentals (functions, variables, loops, the basics)
  • HTML and CSS Fundamentals


Programming in Blazor - ASP.NET Core 3.2

Sample movie

Installation guide

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Subtitles: english (version retail)

Quality: 720p

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Version 2020/4 compared to 2020/1 number of 29 lessons, and 4 hours and subtitles added.

Version 2020/5 compared to 2020/4 change in the number of courses and didn\\\’t have the time, but about 1 GB increase the volume of have been.

Version 2020/6 compared to 2020/5 number of 10 lessons, and about 1 hour increased.

Version 2020/7 compared to 2020/6, about 3 minutes, increase the time.

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Programming in Blazor – ASP.NET Core 3.2 2020-8 (with subtitles)

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Programming in Blazor – ASP.NET Core 3.1 2020-1 (without subtitles)

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