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The Complete 2019 Web Development Course is the name of a video training suite in web design and development. The course ahead is actually a comprehensive course for those users who want to become a web developer and developer. Also, dear students, you will not need prior knowledge to attend this course and all topics will be available to you from the beginning. What you will learn in this course includes HTML, CSS, JS, Node, JQUERY and more.

You will also design and execute 15 real web projects such as websites, games and applications at the end of this training course. You will also start learning more advanced languages ​​by learning the basic programming languages. At this point you\’ll actually start learning languages ​​like PHP and MySQL. Finally, you will be introduced to concepts such as WordPress, AJAX, JSON, mobile applications and more.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn the latest web technologies in 2019 from elementary to advanced
  • Perform 15 real projects that familiarize you with the variety of orders available on the web
  • Learn how to build and deliver mobile software on the App IOS and Google Play stores
  • Learn how to properly use HTML5 and CSS3 languages ​​to design pages
  • Use Javascript and jQuery to create fun and popular online games
  • Learn how to use Bootstrap to make web page design easier
  • Using NodeJS, PHP, AJAX, JSON languages ​​to build database-based websites
  • And…

Course Specifications The Complete 2019 Web Development Course:

  • English language
  • Duration: 98:55:33
  • Number of lessons: 502
  • Level of education: introductory to advanced
  • Instructor: Development Island – UK
  • File format: mp4

Courses The Complete 2019 Web Development Course

Course content
502 lectures 98:55:33

Introduction – Get your free Unlimited Web Hosting – HTML
27 lectures 02:20:59

29 lectures 02:15:07

Professional Project: Mathematics Tutorials Website (HTML5 & CSS3)
9 lectures 01:40:57

Advanced CSS with Flexbox, Grid & SASS
26 lectures 05:51:45

22 lectures 03:41:51

Professional Project: Maths Game (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
11 lectures 02:18:31

27 lectures 04:56:36

Professional Project: Fruits Slice Game (HTML, CSS & JQuery)
8 lectures 01:34:38

Twitter Bootstrap
27 lectures 04:35:31

Professional Project: App Landing Page (HTML, CSS & Bootstrap)
6 lectures 56:55

Professional Project: Company Website (HTML, CSS & Bootstrap)
7 lectures 01:03:08

Professional Project: Our Lovely Course (HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap)
11 lectures 01:42:29

Professional Project: Stopwatch App (HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap)
8 lectures 01:13:56

Professional Project: Drawing App (HTML, CSS, jQuery UI, Canvas, Local Storage)
11 lectures 01:47:02

ES6 – Modern JavaScript (A Must in 2019)
35 lectures 04:52:21

“Front End” vs “Back End”
2 lectures 25:45

Node.js – Introduction & Installation
3 lectures 15:24

The “super” Command Line Crash Course
4 lectures 01:16:52

Node.js – Let\’s dive in (using ES6 ES7)
11 lectures 02:17:59

Professional Project: Online File Explorer App (Pure Node.js, Bootstrap 4)
21 lectures 05:27:36

Git & Github
8 lectures 01:19:33

Deploy your App to Heroku
1 lecture 16:14

36 lectures 06:41:25

14 lectures 02:20:37

Professional Project: Online Notes App (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, AJAX)
39 lectures 10:34:36

WordPress (3 Professional Webpages: Blog About Page Contact Page)
14 lectures 01:44:28

Google Maps API\’s
11 lectures 02:24:45

Professional Project: Distance Between Cities (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Google Maps)
5 lectures 42:24

Professional Project: Website with Social Widgets (Facebook, Google & Twitter)
7 lectures 35:56

IOS and Android Mobile Applications using jQuery Mobile
8 lectures 50:19

Professional Project: Speed ​​Reader for iOS and Android
14 lectures 02:24:24

Professional Project: Car Sharing Website (Javascript, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JSON)
38 lectures 09:16:39

Further Reading
2 lectures 00:09

Prerequisites The Complete 2019 Web Development Course

  • I will teach you everything. All you need is a computer.
  • There is absolutely no pre-knowledge required. This is a 100% Comprehensive Web Development Course that will take you from Zero-skills to a Cash Earning Web Developer, skipped step by step with NO Step.


The Complete 2020 Web Development Course - Build 15 Projects

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Quality: 720p


The 2019/6 version has a 2.5GB increase in volume compared to the 2019/3.

Version 2019/8 was reduced to 1 lesson and few seconds compared to 2019/6. The volume has increased by about 200 MB.

Version 2020 has 27 lessons and about 6 hours increase compared to 2019/8.

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