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Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up ™ on ARM 1 is the name of a training course from the Udemy site that teaches you how to create a Real-Time operating system with a variety of theoretical and practical exercises. This course begins by introducing the features of a Real-Time kernel on ARM processors and shows you the coding path. This course is very useful for embedded systems engineers and computer engineers and provides useful information.

In this course you will learn about all aspects of the Real-Time operating system, its different parts, how it works, and how to build it, and learn how to work with scheduling algorithms and interdisciplinary tools. By watching this course, you will be able to create your own operating system, create a turn-by-turn scheduler, calculate CPU utilization, and create an OS Kernel.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Build a Real-Time OS from scratch
  • Build collaborative timing
  • Create alternate and rotating shift schedules
  • Build a Backup Package
  • Calculates CPU usage
  • Write assembly code
  • Familiar with Cortex-M architecture

Course Specifications Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up ™ on ARM 1:

  • English language
  • Duration: 13 hours 45 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 158
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Israel Gbati
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

158 lectures 13:45:52

5 lectures 05:29

Internals of A Real-Time Kernel on ARM Processors
12 lectures 01:17:35

Introduction to Real-time Operating Systems
2 lectures 3:30

Software Flows
3 lectures 05:22

The Stack
2 lectures 08:23

Overview of Cortex-M OS Support Features
13 lectures 59:52

BOOT Sequence
2 lectures 06:22

Introduction to Threads
2 lectures 05:44

Thread Control Block (TCB)
2 lectures 06:34

The Scheduler and Scheduling Algorithms
14 lectures 51:15

Context Switching
1 lecture 03:14

The Kernel
1 lecture 00:46

RTOS Scheduler version 1: Using SysTick Exceptions only
11 lectures 59:18

The Cooperative / Non-Preemptive Scheduler
2 lectures 11:26

OS Porting Considerations
2 lectures 02:08

Board Support Package (STM32F4)
11 lectures 01:02:24

Board Support Package (TM4C123)
1 lecture 10:43

The Periodic Scheduler
3 lectures 27:19

8 lectures 31:41

Inter-Thread Communication and Synchronization
3 lectures 9:30

Overview of CMSIS-RTOS RTX
6 lectures 42:35

Overview of FreeRTOS
7 lectures 22:03

Overview of Micrium uC / OS-III
8 lectures 01:10:02

BONUS 1: ARM Cortex-M Assembly Primer
12 lectures 01:24:56

BONUS 2: ARM Cortex-M Bare-Metal Embedded-C Primer
14 lectures 01:30:53

Setting up Development Environment and Toolchains
10 lectures 01:06:30

1 lecture 00:17

Course prerequisites

  • Having basic C programming skills is a plus


Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up ™ on ARM 1

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