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Angular 9 – The Complete Guide (2019+ Edition) is one of the most complete training courses Angular on the website Udemy is making programs for the web using the Delphi and C ++ Builder to fully teach. In this course, everything from the initial stages of installation and configuration Angular , etc. components etc. the instructions in. services, form, http, access, etc. validate the … optimization, etc. modules, etc. compile offline, and many other topics in detail the training given and you have to fully learn a web application how from the first steps until the time of the distribution, and the release of its own. In this period, also, features, CLI is a command-line efficient to implement, fast, and based on the ways of good programming Angular is also introduced. Nowadays, Angular very democracy of the past and sites a lot to use it, and women. The Delphi and C ++ Builder high performance and have the advantage of coding steam cleaners, it has to be one of the best Delphi and C ++ Builder Front-end into account when it comes.

The main language used in the Delphi and C ++ Builder that in most tutorials it is also seen typing the script. This language, in fact, Cloud, collection, JavaScript, and the use of it increases the speed of coding and expedite the process of making inspiration web in the world, Angular is. Although familiarity with JavaScript, for coding in Angular is enough, but a good familiarity with TypeScript advantage is considered; to this reason, as far as possible, in this course, topics related to this language is also taught. One of the nice features of this period presented in the examples suitable for often the concepts of educational Angular is so that view every listing completely understand you that the application of that section where.

The content of the course) none 9 – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) :

  • The development of web responsive, etc., scalable and complex web with the use of Angular 4
  • Fully understand the architecture and function of Angular 7
  • Build applications, single page
  • Full training and deep concepts Angular 7

Profile courses) none 9 – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) :

  • Language : English
  • Duration Time : 33:34:22
  • Number of lectures : 455
  • Lecturer : Maximilian Schwarzmüller
  • Playback in : Windows, Mobile , TV

The full list of headings and titles, educational

Course content
455 lectures 33:34:22

Getting Started
12 lectures 40:22

The Basics
30 lectures 01:53:30

Course Project – The Basics
17 lectures 01:03:58

3 lectures 12:09

Components & Databinding Deep Dive
21 lectures 01:24:58

Course Project – Components & Databinding
6 lectures 31:06

Directives Deep Dive
12 lectures 47:01

Course Project – Directives
2 lectures 06:43

Using Services & Dependency Injection
11 lectures 44:36

Course Project – Services & Dependency Injection
8 lectures 30:48

Changing Pages with Routing
31 lectures 02:18:08

Course Project – Routing
15 lectures 45:30

Understanding Observables
10 lectures 45:03

Course Project – Observables
2 lectures 06:11

Handling Forms in Angular Apps
35 lectures 02:02:46

Course Project – Forms
23 lectures 01:14:45

Using Pipes to Transform Output
10 lectures 37:03

Making Http Requests
28 lectures 01:41:19

Course Project – Http
8 lectures 34:18

Authentication & Route Protection in Angular
23 lectures 02:12:18

Dynamic Components
10 lectures 39:05

Angular Modules & Optimizing Angular Apps
20 lectures 01:38:42

Deploying an Angular App
5 lectures 18:01

Bonus: Working with NgRx in our Project
45 lectures 04:51:49

Bonus: Angular Universal
14 lectures 47:13

Angular Animations
12 lectures 39:20

Adding Offline Capabilities with Service Workers
5 lectures 27:22

A Basic Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular Apps
11 lectures 45:15

Angular as a Platform & Closer Look at the CLI
15 lectures 01:06:37

Angular Changes & New Features
2 lectures 15:45

Course Roundup
2 lectures 01:53

Bonus: TypeScript Introduction (for Angular 2 Usage)
7 lectures 25:54


  • NO Angular 1 or Angular 2 knowledge is required!
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge helps, but isn\’t a must-have
  • Prior TypeScript knowledge also helps, but isn\’t necessary to benefit from this course
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is required

Images Angular 9 – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

Angular - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

Movie sample Angular 9 – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

Instructions for use

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The name of the previous:

Angular 8 (formerly Star 2) – The Complete Guide

Angular 8 – The Complete Guide (2019+ Edition)

Angular 9 – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

Subtitles: English

Quality Movies, 720p is.

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Version 2020/2 compared to 2020/1 about 10 minutes, reducing the time is, but its volume is increased. The name change also is.

Version 2020/3 compared to 2020/2 number of 51 lessons, and about 3.5 hours have dropped.

Version 2020/4 compared to 2020/3 number of 2 lessons, and 15 minutes increased.

Version 2020/6 compared to 2020/4 change in time, the headings have been.

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